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Thanksgiving day is an invitation to think about all that we’re thankful for in our lives. My family has a tradition of writing something in a “Thankful Book” on Thanksgiving,  as well as other holidays. So I thought creating a short Thankful Book for everyone who works at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity would be a good way of sharing our blessings.

To say that Jennifer Kenny-Hendry is a multitasker would be a huge understatement. This mom of three (son Trevor, and twin daughters Faythe and Paige) holds a full-time position at a Minnesota insurance company, a second part-time job, goes to school full-time and is President of her townhome association. When Jennifer talks about the many hats she wears, she just smiles and jokes “I don’t think I sit down.”

Jennifer closed on her Habitat for Humanity home back on June 19, 2006, and her family was the first to move into the Gateway neighborhood in Woodbury. Prior to becoming a homeowner, Jennifer and her kids lived in a 12 feet by 25 feet space in the basement of her parent’s home, where she slept in the same room with her kids.

It's a win-win-win story going on right now for the family of Damaris, the City of New Hope, and Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. It started very differently a few years ago, with a house sitting empty because of a foreclosure and slowly falling into disrepair. At that time, Damaris and her two young children, Sarah and Joshua, were living in a one-bedroom apartment that had water damage.

Last Saturday, September 6, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity celebrated the new home of Anisa Ahmed, Ahmed Osman, and Adil Ahmed. With the sun shining, friends, family, volunteers, sponsors, and neighbors gathered outside the Frogtown house to bless its rooms and the soon-to-be owners. Two people were missing, however—mother Anisa and her two-day old son. Ahmed was radiating pride and happiness about the birth of his fourth child and the dedication of his new home.

On Thursday, August 21, volunteers, corporate sponsors, donors, and Habitat staff gathered on Sherburne Avenue in St. Paul to welcome Abdiwali Dhamuke and Ubah Ali into their new home. The house, originally constructed in 1890, was renovated to become a beautiful home for the family. Parents of six children, Abdiwali and Ubah look forward to a home large enough for their family and to becoming part of the neighborhood community. Among the family’s new neighbors are owners of two other Habitat homes. 

From the families we serve, to the materials and resources we use to create and preserve homeownership, it takes a dedicated community to support us in our mission to eliminate poverty housing in the Twin Cities. Take a look and see how Twin Cities Habitat works, and how you can get involved!

Sltan and Gebregiorgis moved to the United States from Ethiopia, seeking a better life for themselves and their children. They have a large family, including six children; Rahel who is 19, Tezazu who is 16, Robel who is 14, Senay who is 12, Besrat who is 10, and Abel who is two. The new house in St. Paul will be an exciting experience for them and their family, as they will finally have the space they really need in order to live comfortably. The current home, sadly, doesn't meet the family's needs. 
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