World of Hope

We are so pleased and honored to announce that together we have fulfilled our promise, exceeded our goals and made great progress in building A World of Hope.

Reflect for a moment about the amazing impact you’ve had by giving your time and money in support of Twin Cities Habitat’s campaign A World of Hope: It Starts at Home. Because of you, literally thousands of children from hundreds of families in the Twin Cities and around the world have more hope in their lives today than they did four years ago.

The numbers are staggering:

  • 886 homes built, rehabbed or repaired in the Twin Cities
  • 6,592 families educated and counseled about homeownership
  • 259 homes funded and built in our international partner countries
  • $37.6 million raised, $1.6 million past our goal

But look beyond the numbers, at the individual lives touched, and the magnitude of the good we accomplished truly begins to sink in. Fewer children are sleeping in closets. More children are returning to the same school this year. Parents are saving for college and pursuing the training they need for a real career of their own. Families are no longer moving, time after time, from one substandard apartment to another.

Across the Twin Cities we’ve helped these families lay the foundation that will lead to a brighter future for all of us. Walk the streets of the Hawthorne EcoVillage in North Minneapolis, where Habitat volunteers have built 9 homes repaired two more, and you feel pride and security returning to the neighborhood. Stand in the Garden Gate community in Woodbury one morning and you’ll see dozens of smiling kids from Habitat homes eagerly boarding school buses ready to learn.

You have extended a hand up to hardworking families who were struggling every day for safety, security, stability – and opportunity for a bright future. These families have put in hundreds of hours of sweat equity helping build their home. They have been through extensive training on managing budgets, home maintenance skills, being a good neighbor and much more. And now, they are paying it forward by making mortgage payments back to Habitat. In fact, Habitat homeowners cover more than a quarter of the cost of each new home built. Your generosity to this campaign has set off a positive chain reaction in the Twin Cities that will echo through families and neighborhoods for generations.

The work continues

You’ve committed your time and your money because you believe safe, decent, affordable housing can change lives and change communities. Please help us spread this message. Tell your family, your friends, and our political leaders that building a world filled with hope requires action by each of us. It starts at home!

We hope that you will continue to generously support Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity! There are many more families seeking the hope and opportunity a Habitat home provides.

With sincere gratitude,

Mary Lynn and Warren Staley
Campaign Co-Chairs