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Dedications are one of the special pieces of Habitat's program. They help show the impact stable, affordable housing has on families that partner with us. They also give the opportunity to bring a community together to celebrate and "send the family off to success beyond their dreams," as Board Member Dan Shapiro wished one of the celebrated families this past week.

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity has partnered with Dual Citizen Brewing Company and eleven other sponsors to build the House that Beer Built. The first day of the build kicked off Monday, August 13, with a large group of volunteers and a ceremonial wall raising. Here at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, it's one of those "small" things that signifies the beginning of something big.

Guest blogger, Sean Koebele |
Volunteer and Constituent Relations

We are excited to launch The House that Beer Built, a new initiative to collaborate with the vibrant local craft beer industry to fully sponsor a new home! Twin Cities Habitat aims to partner with dozens of local breweries to both raise funds for the home and mobilize the volunteers it will take to build it. Our local craft beer industry embraces the spirit of collaboration, innovation, and community. It’s this spirit that makes this partnership such a perfect fit.

This past Saturday, nearly 50 volunteers, sponsors, staff and community members came together to celebrate the dedication of Mussie's new Habitat home in St. Paul.

Mussie, the eldest of three brothers, stood with his brother Samuel and both gleamed with joy and gratitude.

"This home means so much to me and my family. What Habitat is doing for the community is really great. We can't thank you enough," Mussie said.

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