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Building Community Blog

After working thirty years in multiple corporate settings, Maureen knew she wanted something different. In previous roles, when Maureen would work with large banks, she didn’t get the opportunity to really educate her clients.

“I really like to work with the families and get to know them. I saw Habitat had an ad out for Community Loan Officer position, and I was familiar the mission. I had always been interested in working with first-time homebuyers, because I like to have the opportunity to teach.” 

Have you ever heard someone say, “I love that place,” or “I love that person?” We use the word “love” to describe our devotion, or affection towards someone or something. You might also think of love as something we crave, something that makes us feel good, and always wanting more. Whether it’s a good cup of coffee, activity, place, thing, or a loved one—love is what we need!

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