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Twin Cities Habitat works in partnership with families, volunteers, donors and communities to build homes and provide affordable interest-bearing mortgages to low and moderate-income families with the dream of homeownership. Together with Habitat, through financial coaching, homebuyer training and sweat equity, your family can pursue this dream. Twin Cities Habitat offers the opportunity for you to buy a Habitat-built home or a home of your choosing on the open market. We’ll work with you to determine what’s affordable to you and assist you in the buying process, which is outlined below.

Habitat for Humanity has also compiled a helpful list of resources for local families. Topics include employment, finances, healthy and safety, legal support, home maintenance, seniors and veterans, and more.

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Two Paths To Habitat Homeownership


Referral organizations can introduce families to services in their community, while still accessing the Habitat mortgage. Each partner offers their own pre-purchase services, homeownership resources, and education courses. 

After completing financial coaching (see Step 4 below to learn about financial coaching) with a referral organization, families will be referred into our Homeownership Program and will be fast-tracked into one of the Habitat homeownership options.

Visit our Homeownership Referral Partners webpage  to learn more.


Please Note: The waitlist for this path is currently over a year long. 

First, families will attend an orientation session and then submit an application. After applying for the Homeownership Program, families will start to work one-on-one with a financial coach. Their coach will help them work on budgeting, credit, debt, and savings until they meet our minimum underwriting requirements.

Please read through the 5 Steps to Homeownership outlined below to learn about Habitat's application process. To join the waiting list please fill out this form. If you've already signed up and want to check your status, please click here.

1. Do You Meet Requirements?

Requirements for Homeownership:

  • You must have lived in the Twin Cities seven-county metro-area for at least one year.
  • You must acknowledge and accept the responsibilities of homeownership. See below.
  • You must attend all sessions of Habitat homeowner training.
  • You must contribute up to 250 hours of sweat equity (volunteering on a construction site, attending homeowner trainings, volunteering at the ReStore, etc.)
  • You must NOT have owned a home or any land in the last three years.


If you think you meet the eligibility requirements to buy a Twin Cities Habitat home, the first step is to attend an Orientation. You’ll learn about homeownership basics and the Twin Cities Habitat process. We do not have orientation sessions scheduled yet, but if you would like to join the waiting list please fill out this form. If you've already signed up and want to check your status, please click herePlease note that current wait times are over a year.


Once your eligibility is determined, you can apply for the Habitat homeownership program:

  • Complete the application form and turn in all required documents. (Required documents include Social Security cards, photo IDs, tax forms, and income verification documents like paystubs, letters from employers, and benefit statements.)
  • Submit application fee. (There is a $30 or $50 non-refundable application fee for every application.)
You can submit your application in person or online. Once your application is received, Habitat staff will assess your income and credit eligibility.


4. Financial Coaching

Habitat staff (or your referral organization coach) will work with you one-on-one to set financial goals that will get you closer to your dream of homeownership. You will work on budgeting, credit, debt, savings, and any other financial goals that you have. You will work with your coach until you meet Habitat’s program requirements, meet mortgage underwriting criteria and believe you are ready to purchase a home.

Click Here To Read All Financial Coaching Information

5. Mortgage Application & Homeownership Education

If purchasing a Habitat-developed home, you will receive property letters with homes that you are eligible to buy based on your income and family size. These property selection letters are a way for you to indicate your preference for available houses based on a number of different factors (size, location, design, neighborhood). Applying to Habitat does not guarantee that you will be selected to purchase a Habitat home. Applicants in the matching pool are matched to homes based on their ability to pay for the home, need for housing, and willingness to partner with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.

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Ethiopian immigrants helping build an American Dream for their children.


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A family lives with new hope thanks to their Habitat home.

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A mom is building a future for her daughters in the North Minneapolis home.