Who ABWK helps

  • Homeowners who are living in their home full time. We don’t work with landlords.
  • People with unsafe living conditions in their home.
  • People forced to choose between necessities like food, medicine, taxes, utilities and home maintenance.
  • People facing a city code violation or insurance policy cancellation.
  • Many ABWK clients are single parents, elderly, people with disabilities or Veterans.
  • Many ABWK applicants have worked for years maintaining their homes and now find themselves in an awkward and sometimes embarrassing position of asking for help.
A Brush with Kindness eases wary homeowner concerns by providing home preservation services that are sensitive to homeowner circumstances.


Eligibility requirements

  • Families may not be making more than 60% of the Twin Cities Area Median Income (AMI).
    • See the current income limits below.
  • All able-bodied homeowners and residents of the home are required to work alongside volunteers
  • Homeowners are expected to be cooperative partners with staff and volunteers
  • Homeowners are asked for a financial pledge to ABWK on larger projects—payable when/if they sell or refinance their home
  • Repairs needed must match the scope of the work ABWK does.

Income Limits - 60% of Twin Cities’ Area Median Income (AMI)

Family Size Maximum Yearly Gross Income
1 $36,420
2 $41,580
3 $46,800
4 $51,960
5 $56,160
6 $60,300
7 $64,400
8 $68,640
9 $72,744
10 $76,901

What ABWK does

A Brush with Kindness staff and volunteers use donations to help people in restoring their homes through simple acts of kindness so that homeowners can once again live in a safe and decent home with dignity. The type of projects done include:

  • Painting interior and exterior
  • Fixing broken windows and doors
  • Replacing loose siding, rotting soffits, broken fascia, missing shingles
  • Removing overgrown landscaping
  • Safety and home accessibility upgrades like wheelchair ramps

Apply for ABWK

The A Brush With Kindness program is only accepting applications from veteran families at this time.  If you are a veteran family looking for assistance with home repairs, please contact us at 612-788-8169 for information on how to apply.

All other applicants are encouraged to check back later this fall, when we plan to re-open the application process. In the meantime, you can review this list of additional local resources, or call the number provided above to discuss alternative home maintenance options with our knowledgeable staff.

ABWK Results

  • A Brush with Kindness ensures families are living in safe and well-maintained homes; keeps homeowners in their homes, protecting their financial investments; and restores homeowners’ dignity and pride of homeownership.
  • ABWK staff and roughly 2,000 volunteers make critical repairs to approximately 120 homes across the Twin Cities annually.
  • More than 1,700 homes have been repaired by ABWK since the program began in 1998.
  • Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity helped Habitat affiliates around the country replicate this first-in-the-nation Habitat repair program.

The end results are homes that are safe and well maintained, homeowners who are able to keep their homes, and neighborhoods that are renewed.

Where the money goes

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity strives to do the most good with every single dollar entrusted to us. Rest assured that a gift to support our mission creates an immediate and significant impact for the families and communities we partner with.

88.8% Programs & Services, 8.3% fundraising, 2.9% Administration

Every $1 you donate results in almost $2 of economic activity in our community.

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit recognized by the IRS. Tax ID Number: 36-3363171. NMLS ID 400065