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Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity’s Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program is the main foreclosure prevention counseling provider for the city of Minneapolis and one of the busiest foreclosure prevention agencies in the state of Minnesota.  

We provide counseling, advocacy and referrals free of charge to families who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments, property taxes, or HoA dues.  Since 1993 when the program started, MFPP has served more than 6,500 families.  In cases where we cannot assist in preventing foreclosure or tax forfeiture, we can help connect homeowners with resources to ease their transition to new housing.

For more information about the foreclosure and tax forfeiture processes, please contact us at the addresses listed below.

To start the process of working with us, please download and submit the application below.  

  • Download the Application:  PDF    Word
  • Return the application to:
    Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity
    Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program
    1954 University Ave W, St. Paul, MN 55104

Contact us
Phone and Fax:  612-305-7147 or Email us 

For more information on the Foreclosure Process, check out the information below:
Homeowners Guide to Success: What to do if you can't pay your mortgage?

Additional Information

Minnesota's Foreclosure Process

When a payment is missed this process begins

  • Lender calls and sends a letter stating a payment was missed.
  • Homeowner receives Default and Intent to Foreclose Notice.
  • Homeowner receives Preforeclosure Notice.
  • The account is given to a foreclosure attorney and legal fees can begin accruing.
Learn About MN's Foreclosure Process

What to Do if You Miss a Payment

When people find themselves unable to afford their mortgage payments, they become extremely stressed out and fear that they have to leave the home immediately.  Although this stress and fear is understandable it is often unnecessary as the foreclosure process takes at least six months and often can be delayed or halted completely by the homeowner.

Missed Payment? Next Step >

Options for Keeping Your Home and Avoiding Foreclosure

Here are the “workout” options your lender may offer.

Options For Keeping Your Home

Options for Leaving Your Home

Although we will do our best to help you keep your home, it may turn out that it is not financially feasible for you to remain in your home.  If that is the case, these are your options to move in an orderly manner.

Options For Leaving Your Home

How We Help You

You’ll work directly with a Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Counselor

  • To determine if staying in your home is realistic
  • To create a household budget
  • To learn about your rights, the foreclosure process, and how to communicate with your lender
  • To create an Action Plan for regaining housing stability by actively working with your lender and helping you save money for mortgage payments
  • To assist you with guidance as you explore possible solutions

Other things to consider

  • In some cases, selling your home will be considered as a way to prevent foreclosure.
  • Referrals to other community resources will be provided for free.

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