Requirements for Habitat homeownership

  • You must have lived in the Twin Cities seven-county metro-area for at least one year.
  • You must acknowledge and accept the responsibilities of homeownership. See below.
  • You must attend all sessions of Habitat homeowner training.
  • You must contribute 300-500 hours of work toward the construction of Habitat homes.
  • You must NOT have owned a home or any land in the last three years.

Responsibilities of Homeownership

Answer the following questions to help determine if you are ready for Homeownership.

Are you and your family ready, willing, and able to:

  • Make a commitment to live in the same home for 30 years? (It’s easy to move when you rent, but when you own a house, moving is much more complicated!)
  • Mail my mortgage payment to the mortgage company every month? (All mortgage companies, including Habitat for Humanity will foreclose on homeowners that become delinquent in their payments).
  • Save $5,000 for closing costs and other start-up expenses relating to homeownership?
  • Budget for ALL expenses of homeownership, including but not limited to water, heat, electricity, garbage, property tax, homeowner’s insurance, etc.
  • Pay monthly association fees if your home is in an association?
  • Fix a broken toilet myself or spend money to hire a plumber when it breaks?
  • Spend hours of my “free time” keeping the house in good condition (painting, doing repairs, yard work, cleaning, etc.), instead of doing other things I enjoy?
  • Learn the skills necessary to do maintenance on my home?
  • Keep the lawn mowed in the summer (including maintaining a lawnmower) and the sidewalk clear of snow and ice all winter long? 
  • Spend time getting to know my neighbors, since good relationships with neighbors are the  start of  healthy, strong communities?     

If you answered ”yes” to all of these questions, you may be ready to become a homeowner.

If you answered ”no” to any of these questions, you may not be ready to be a homeowner at this time.  That’s okay! It’s better to know you will not be happy as a homeowner before you own a home.

NOTE:  When you purchase a home through Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, Habitat becomes your mortgage company, not your landlord.  The house and any problems or damage that occurs after move-in are the homebuyer’s responsibility.

Income Guidelines

  • Families must make between 30% and 60% of the average income for a Twin Cities family.
  • Perfect credit is not required. We consider all families that can pay their bills regularly.
  • Income sources can include: employment, public assistance of cash, social security, disability, etc.
  • See our current income guidelines below.
  • The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) puts new income guidelines each year and Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity reserves the right to revise these guidelines at any time.

Income Guidelines Chart

Family SizeMinimum Monthly Gross IncomeMaximum Monthly Gross IncomeMinimum Yearly Gross IncomeMaximum Yearly Gross Income
1 $2,164 $3,033 $25,969 $36,400
2 $2,164 $3,467 $25,969 $41,600
3 $2,164 $3,900 $25,969 $46,800
4 $2,167 $4,333 $26,000 $52,000
5 $2,368 $4,683 $28,410 $56,200
6 $2,715 $5,025 $32,570 $60,300
7 $3,061 $5,367 $36,730 $64,400
8 $3,408 $5,717 $40,890 $68,600
9 $3,754 $6,067 $45,050 $72,800
10 $4,101 $6,417 $49,210 $77,000

Do you meet the requirements?

If you think you meet the eligibility requirements to buy a Twin Cities Habitat home, the first step is to attend a Homeownership Exploration Session. These are held monthly. You’ll learn about homeownership basics and the Twin Cities Habitat process. At the session you’ll complete an eligibility questionnaire. To sign up for a session, call 651-207-1700 and press “0” or “1.” 

Application Process

Following a Homeownership Exploration Session, families that are determined to be eligible are invited to apply. The application process typically takes between 3 and 4 months. Steps in the process include:

  • Completing of the homeownership application and collecting other required materials.
  • An in-home interview with Habitat volunteers and staff.

Do you already have an application that you are ready to turn in?  Check out our Application Help Page to make sure you have all the right documents.

Matching Process

Once an eligible family completes the application processes they are eligible for selection for up to 14 months. During that time, families receive letters with homes that they are eligible to buy based on their income and family size. These property selection letters are a way for applicants to indicate their preference for available houses based on a number of different factors (size, location, design, neighborhood). Applying to Habitat does not guarantee that a family will be selected to purchase a Habitat home. Applicants in the matching pool are matched to homes based on their ability to pay for the home, need for housing, and willingness to partner with TCHFH. Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity builds between 50-60 homes a year and receives about 300 qualified applications every year.

Homeownership Education

Families matched to homes must complete all required homeowner training sessions prior to their closing date. 

Sessions include money management and budgeting, mortgages and financial fitness, home maintenance and safety, and community involvement and engagement. This training curriculum provides families with a sound foundation of knowledge designed to boost homeownership success. Once a family moves in, a Neighborhood Family Partner (a Habitat volunteer who lives nearby) meets regularly with the new Habitat homeowner to provide a warm welcome to the community, a resource for house maintenance questions, and a link to the local community.

Where the money goes

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity strives to do the most good with every single dollar entrusted to us. Rest assured that a gift to support our mission creates an immediate and significant impact for the families and communities we partner with.

88.8% Programs & Services, 8.3% fundraising, 2.9% Administration

Every $1 you donate results in almost $2 of economic activity in our community.

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit recognized by the IRS. Tax ID Number: 36-3363171