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Day in the life of an AmeriCorps Member

Find out what it's like to serve onsite as an Americorps Member for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity


Tools AC-1

7:30 am

Arrive on site, chat with my site supervisor on the day's projects, and pull out the tools from the shed.

AC day in the life #4

8:20 am

Volunteers arrive. My site supervisor and I give a talk about Habitat's mission, safety, and what the volunteers will get up to that day. Everyone gets started!

AC Lunch-2

12:00 pm


AC day in the life #5

1:00 pm

Back to work! Volunteers decide to switch up tasks, so I help a small group get comfortable doing their new projects for the afternoon.


2:30 pm

Quick break and chat with the volunteers. Getting to know volunteers and hearing their stories is my favorite part of the gig!


3:30 pm

Start to pack up and thank the volunteers. Before we leave, I help make sure everything's safe and secure on site.


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