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Nearly 100 people gathered at Habitat’s offices on Saturday, October 22 for the fourth annual Raise a Glass for Tomorrow fundraiser. Hosted by Habitat’s Young Professionals Network (HYPN), the event featured tastings from 13 of the area’s best brewery and eatery establishments, games, prizes and a program. This fun-filled evening not only provided attendees with fantastic food and beverage samplings, but promoted great networking opportunities, all while raising money and awareness for Habitat!

The Golden Rule is a universal concept, that defies race, religion and time. From the Prophet Muhammad to Hillel and the Bible, the concept of treating others the way you want to be treated is something we should all strive to attain. While Habitat for Humanity is rooted in the Christian tradition, we do our work in partnership with people of all faiths. Faith in Action has been a value of Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity since its founding.

Last week, more than 50 volunteers, sponsors, and staff gathered in St. Paul to celebrate Huda, Shamis and Aligele's new home.

Huda, Shamis and Aligele, along with her brothers Abdulrakib, Abdulrhman and Ahmed, are excited about moving into their new home. After growing up in Somalia, and having to move frequently in Minnesota, they are looking forward to having a safe home to live in. Huda’s brothers are most excited about having their own rooms and a quiet space for studying.

Huda shared her gratitude for everyone who helped to make his family's home a reality.

“Our futures have already changed educationally, financially, and morally. With a home of our own there will be no more moving from country to country or city to city. We will finally have a stable, constant home that will be ours forever.”

“Yaa mana ofii.” This Oromo language phrase is very common in Ethiopia. It means, “home is everything.” Yemane and Bizunesh, who bought their new Habitat home in West St. Paul in July, say the phrase comes from living desperate lives in Ethiopia. "It means home is where hunger and pain reside. But it also means home is where joy and love live.” Yemane says, “Everything in your life is sheltered by home. It can mask your need, but it also protects everything you have, especially your family.”

Until his retirement a few months ago, Anthony worked in architecture and engineering with Target Corp. That background made him a perfect fit for helping Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity build out its newest ReStore. Specifically, Anthony used his building experience to help organize and supervise the volunteers who transformed the new ReStore from empty warehouse into one of the nicest ReStore’s in the country.

We have a fun announcement to share with all of our loyal blog readers. A few of you may have noticed that there has been a shortage of ReStore-related blog articles on our Building Community Blog lately—and you'd be correct. We've been in the process of creating a ReStore-only blog, The ReStoration Corner, that features ReStore events, fun DIY projects and much more!

Hundreds of women—and a couple dozen men—filled the Hyatt Northstar Ballroom in downtown Minneapolis for the 4th annual Women of Habitat Hope Builders Fundraising Luncheon this past Tuesday. The luncheon raised an unprecedented amountand the highest since the luncheon's inceptionnearly $109,000!

Many guests shared that they were deeply moved by Shauna's speech about growing up in a Habitat home. Shauna, now a sophomore at Lawrence University in Wisconsin, flew in on her day off from classes to share a powerful message on how having a stable home changed her life.

"I'm now 19 years old and fully capable of understanding the great blessing Habitat for Humanity has provided to my family. Safety, stability, and a solid home structure allowed me to focus on my education," Shauna said.

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity's Young Professionals Network (HYPN) is excited to welcome Indeed Brewing Company and Taproom for the fourth annual Raise a Glass for Tommorow event Saturday, October 22. This year's fundraising event will feature a tasting sample of some of Twin Cities' finest breweries and eatery establishments.

Indeed is a Minneapolis brewery that has been in operation since 2012. Not only is Indeed locally known for its tasty and crafty brew, it is also known as an "engaged and community-oriented brewery." 

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