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Before buying a house, every person needs to have a home inspection. The professional who looks over the house will likely find minor concerns with the home. That's common. But, the inspector could also find larger issues that you shouldn't have to fix. Those are the kinds of problems that can be deal breakers.
Before buying a home, here are 9 home inspection issues that could concern you.

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity has partnered with Dual Citizen Brewing Company and eleven other sponsors to build the House that Beer Built. The first day of the build kicked off Monday, August 13, with a large group of volunteers and a ceremonial wall raising. Here at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, it's one of those "small" things that signifies the beginning of something big.

Carroll sporting his well-earned volunteer shirt

*photo by Sara Kettering

Most remember 1994 for things like Nelson Mandela, Kurt Cobain, or The Lion King - but to us 1994 means the beginning of our relationship with office volunteer Carroll Rock.

“Carroll is a wonderful man. Not only has he been volunteering his time with us for years, but he also makes the office a brighter place. He is always quick to make us laugh and his humor is contagious. Carroll is the best” says Bryn Ford-Jacoby, Resource Development Associate at Twin Cities Habitat.

Guest blog by Caitlin Magistad, Local & Regional Policy Coordinator
Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

Housing costs continue to increase across Minnesota, while incomes have not kept pace. According to a recent report from the Minnesota Housing Partnership, a full-time minimum wage earner can't afford a one-bedroom apartment in any of Minnesota's 87 counties, and at $18.82, Minnesota ranks #22 in the nation for the highest hourly wages required to afford a modest two-bedroom apartment. Low vacancy rates, limited housing stock, and rising housing costs put pressure on low and moderate-income renters and home buyers alike, impacting families and communities across the state. Too many Minnesotans do not have access to safe, stable, affordable housing—together we can change that!

Online real estate listings are full of attractive photos and virtual video tours of homes for sale, but the best way to get the feel for a house is touring it yourself. Walking around the house and yard helps you understand a property and gives you a look at how the owners have taken care of it. You also get the opportunity to look for issues that will help you decide whether the house is a good investment.

Here are some of the key things to pay attention to during your house tour.

Kaia strapped her young son into his baby seat on her bike and headed out for a leisurely ride. It was a beautiful day in the Phillips neighborhood of Minneapolis in 1987. As they were riding, they saw an awesome sight: a house on wheels! It was an old, large duplex on a truck, slowly making its way down the street. They thought it was pretty awesome.

“I remember this distinctly—but I never dreamed that’s where I’d end up living!” Kaia says.

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