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Twin Cities businesses have stepped forward with pro bono labor and gifts-in-kind, as construction starts for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity’s new ReStore in South Minneapolis. Located at 2700 Minnehaha Avenue, this is Habitat’s second ReStore in the Twin Cities (the original store is located in New Brighton).

The store, a discount home improvement outlet, is slated to open to the public in mid-September. “We’re excited about the new ReStore,” says Susan Haigh, President & CEO of Twin Cities Habitat. “ReStore is good for the environment and good for families. Earned income from ReStores helps Habitat build more homes with affordable mortgages that low-income families can buy."

Guest Blog contributed by a St. Paul homeowner & A Brush with Kindness client

My husband and I have been employed, paid taxes, paid bills, paid rent, given to charities and supported ourselves since our middle teen-age years. We are now 60 and 56-years-old, respectively. B and I have been together since 1989. We have no children, but are close to our families in Minnesota and Ohio.

From July 9th to the 16th, Twin Cities Habitat, Thrivent Financial and the Jordan Area Community Council (JACC) partnered to carry out the Jordan Week of Kindness initiative. From July 9th to the 15th, enthusiastic A Brush with Kindnesss volunteers worked alongside residents on repairs that transformed four houses on two blocks in the Jordan neighborhood. Local contractors like Bryskin were hired to help out with the extra load and community members like Project for Pride in Living helped with prep work.

By Bethany Clarke
Twin Cities Habitat AmeriCorps Member

Olindo Verrico is a Twin Cities Habitat hidden gem. He is an 82- year-old construction volunteer who has been working with site supervisor Ashley Rose and I for the past ten months. Volunteering three to five days a week, Olindo is a consistent and bubbling fountain of construction knowledge. He approaches each of his projects with a meticulous attention to detail and infectious energy.

For the past several years, Twin Cities youth that were interested in getting involved with Habitat joined Youth United, a Habitat for Humanity International developed program focused on involving youth in their community and TC Habitat while fostering teamwork and developing youth leaders. Due to increasing demand for resources to engage youth in new and innovative ways, HFHI recently suspended the Youth United program to explore how Habitat can better provide for this need.  Here at TCHFH, we recognize the impact that younger volunteers and advocates have on our mission, so the Youth United adult leadership team immediately started brainstorming new ways to engage local youth in our mission. What did we come up with? Habitat Youth Leaders, an exciting new leadership opportunity for altruistic youth interested in housing problems and solutions in the Twin Cities!

Guest blog by Jessa Anderson-Reitz
Twin Cities Habitat Staff Member

Thrivent Builds with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity began in 2005, with the mission of providing affordable housing to families. This partnership engages Thrivent members and volunteers to make a difference in their community and engages families to build on the cornerstone of financial security through affordable homeownership. Together, Thrivent and Habitat for Humanity have partnered in neighborhoods throughout the US and across the globe to make a real difference for families and individuals.

When a tornado plowed across North Minneapolis in May of 2011, it left devastated homes and downed trees in its wake. Today, on many blocks that were in the path of the tornado, there are few signs of the storm’s destruction. Instead, there are rebuilt homes, new roofs and growing trees that replaced the hundreds that were toppled. 

Guest Blog by Carly Fredericks
Neighborhood Revitalization Volunteer

This summer, the Jordan neighborhood has dedicated a week to revitalizing their neighborhood and celebrating their community. 

From July 9th-16th Twin Cities Habitat and Thrivent Financial, in collaboration with the Jordan Area Community Council (JACC), Jordan residents, and other community members, will be hosting the Jordan Week of Kindness. In the Jordan neighborhood of North Minneapolis, volunteers will be working alongside residents to improve their neighborhood by repairing five houses, cleaning-up the block, and planting flowers along the boulevard.

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