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At this week's Habitat for Humanity International Conference, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity received a genuine honor: we were selected as one of 23 organizations recognized by Habitat for Humanity International as an “Affiliate of Distinction.” Out of over 1,300 Habitat affiliates nation-wide, Twin Cities Habitat is the only affiliate recognized from Minnesota, and one of only three affiliates recognized of comparable size.

Guest Blog by Bonnie Power
Global Village trip participant

It is the last day to see the house and the family - the very last day.  How could that happen?! I am very sad as are all of us.  How can we tell our new friends that the pleasure is all ours - REALLY!!!  We will so miss Mario, Mao, Juanca, Wadel,  Andres, Felipe! How strange that we feel like family and come together as though no time has passed.

“I’ve always had this motto for my life” Greg Rouse says, showing the word build tattooed across his right forearm: “Never stop building.”

He started as a kid with legos, then carpentry as a teenager, then architecture in college. Next, he built homes for two years as an AmeriCorps member with Twin Cities Habitat. And now, he’s designing homes as a Masters of Architecture student at the University of Minnesota.

Guest Blog by Mark K.
Global Village trip participant

Here I am again in (or rather near) Sardinal in a hotel in Costa Rica getting up before our standard breakfast of rice/beans, fresh fruit and occasionally something they appear to think Americans--North Americans,  like for breakfast—like hot dogs.  We get up early, and return each day at 4:30, go for a quick dip in the ocean (to supplement the parsimonious showers here in the hotel) come back for dinner.  Little chance to check email and charge iphones as all electricity shuts off every time one leaves his room.  The days slip by quickly.  Thus I come to be writing about Week 2, Day 3, on Day 5.  

Guest Blog by Julia Brauchle
Twin Cities Habitat Staff Member

Last September, Patrick Glynn, Principal of Grainwood Elementary in Prior Lake reached out to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity to learn about volunteer opportunities.  His students were learning about and choosing service projects for the year and had noticed that there was a Habitat home being built a block from the school.  Grainwood Elementary wanted to do something to welcome the soon-to-be homeowners to their home and new neighborhood.

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