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Every family

deserves a foundation to build a future on and a place to call home


Building a vibrant and equitable Twin Cities

Home. It’s where children take their first steps and turn the pages of their first book. Homeownership is directly linked to healthier lives, continuing education, a viable workforce, and generational wealth.

Through this strategic plan, we’re responding to our community, expanding homeownership opportunities, and working to build forward together to create a community where every family has access to the transformational power of home.


Minnesota homeownership by race

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We can do more and
do better

Homeownership is unaffordable and out of reach for too many people in Twin Cities communities. Racial gaps are slow to close, as Black Minnesotans continue to face the steepest barriers to attaining and sustaining homeownership. 

We recognize that we need to make our programs work better for Black families, and are building forward to do just that.


Building forward with intentionality

As an organization, we are building forward with intentionality – centering our work around those most historically impacted by housing discrimination, redlining, racial covenants, and systemic racial housing practices. 

We know that when we improve how we serve families and those most impacted by housing discrimination, our organization will be better and do better as we build forward together.


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90% of Habitat homeowners

feel better about their children's futures

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92% of Habitat families

have an adult family member who has returned to school

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41% of homeowners

say they go to the doctor
less now

"I want my kids to grow up and know they can go anywhere in this world and they always have a home to return to. I feel like this is the beginning of that."

- LeAndra, Habitat Homeowner Since 2019


Strategic goals and priorities

Expand homeownership

We're increasing homeownership production across the seven-county metro area through large-scale developments and innovative building strategies.

Key innovation:
Harrison Townhome Development

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Advance racial equity

We are building forward with intention by centering our work around those most historically impacted by systemic housing practices - advancing Black homeownership.

Key innovation:
Advancing Black homeownership through the Special Purpose Credit Program



Engage the community
to strengthen our foundation

We're cultivating meaningful partnerships while building an inspiring organization where we can all thrive. We are balancing growth with financial and operational strength.

Key innovation:
Home Loan Impact Fund - celebrating 500 closings (Twin Cities Habitat and Bremer partnership)



"I’m so grateful and blessed that my happiest moments with my family occurred in the house that is capable of bringing all sorts of people together. A home that gives you love, comfort, and enjoyable, unforgettable memories that one, including myself, can only cherish."

- Sienna, Granddaughter of Habitat Homeowner Deborah

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Sienna and Deborah

Building forward together

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Serving 25% Black households

We are centering our work around serving more Black households to advance racial equity

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Creating 650+ homes

We are creating more opportunities designed to stabilize and preserve homeownership in the Twin Cities 7-county metro area

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Raising $80 million

We're raising $80 million to
support the community - so that all families have access to equitable homeownership

Celebrating our progress

At Habitat we're excited to share the work that we are doing in community to achieve our strategic plan goals and objectives. Follow our work in action.

Year one: 2022


Launched 2022-2025 Strategic Plan


Received transformative $13.5 million gift from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott



Renewed historic $125 million partnership for Home Loan Impact Fund with Bremer Bank


Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity partners with the City of Lakes Community Land Trust to develop 17 townhomes in the Harrison neighborhood.



Launched Special Purpose Credit Program pilot to support existing families in our pipeline


Home Loan Impact Fund celebrated 500 closings


And beyond

Stay tuned for updates!
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