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Building Community Blog

Guest blog by Courtney Maas
Global Village Volunteer

The culmination of all of our hard work reached a pinnacle, as we tied ribbon on the front doors to the homes we’ve worked on all week for our Nicaraguan families. You could sense the families gratitude the moment we stepped on the job site this morning. They gave us gifts of homemade goods and crafts and shared laughs and hugs.

Guest blog by Jeffrey Timm
Global Village Volunteer

Madrugada - twilight . . . aves - birds.  Birds popping into the soundscape, reminding me somehow of the froth scuba boat captains notice on the ocean’s surface.  A bubbling that starts with one panicked little fish trying to evade the belly of a whale shark, which turns into a roaring boil once the rest of the school catches on.  One natural phenomenon calls to another in the waking moments.  Latin American has a way of awakening the senses.  The bird song this early morning was accentuated by the occasional kick start of a motorcycle and the zoom of a car outside our hotel.  

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