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Building Community Blog

Guest blog written by Stephanie and Josh Moline,
Global Village Volunteers

Guatemala is an incredibly beautiful country that I have been fortunate enough to visit three times. Each trip has taught me something new about the country and culture, but one thing that has been clear from the start is the gratitude radiating from everyone I've spoken with—to be alive, to be with their families, to be able to provide what they can for their children.

And that's a really powerful thing to see when the majority of us spend our days at home being surrounded by "first-world problems."

Guest blog written by Skip Durocher and Ann Novacheck,
Global Village Volunteers

We are writing from beautiful Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. We just finished the second day of construction. Apparently at some point months ago, (perhaps after a few beers), we agreed to write a blog entry about our experience here in Guatemala.  We have never done a blog before, but here goes.

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