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Guest Blog by Bonnie Power
Global Village trip participant

It is the last day to see the house and the family - the very last day.  How could that happen?! I am very sad as are all of us.  How can we tell our new friends that the pleasure is all ours - REALLY!!!  We will so miss Mario, Mao, Juanca, Wadel,  Andres, Felipe! How strange that we feel like family and come together as though no time has passed.

Guest Blog by Mark K.
Global Village trip participant

Here I am again in (or rather near) Sardinal in a hotel in Costa Rica getting up before our standard breakfast of rice/beans, fresh fruit and occasionally something they appear to think Americans--North Americans,  like for breakfast—like hot dogs.  We get up early, and return each day at 4:30, go for a quick dip in the ocean (to supplement the parsimonious showers here in the hotel) come back for dinner.  Little chance to check email and charge iphones as all electricity shuts off every time one leaves his room.  The days slip by quickly.  Thus I come to be writing about Week 2, Day 3, on Day 5.  

Guest blog by Jon S.
Global Village trip participant

12 March 2017 | Nacazcol Hotel & Villas

We’re all here.  I think.  It’s hard to say.

It’s been a bit of chaos.  We had two Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity (TCHFH) groups at the hotel this weekend.  Team One built last week, and were enjoying a bit of R&R yesterday as most of Team Two rolled into town.  Lots of folks coming and going, people showing up early, people staying late, people in Team One I know, people in my Team Two who I’m just meeting for the first time.  Chaos. 

Guest Blog by Courtney M.
Global Village trip participant

Hola y Buenos Noches from Costa Rica on this balmy Guanacaste evening! It is the final night for half of the week one group, and the week two group has just arrived with their fresh faces and energized attitudes. As I sit here enjoying my newfound favorite cocktail (un Paloma) amidst all of the energy, I can’t help but feel a tinge of sadness that tonight is the last night I will be enjoying the 90 degree breeze with this exact group of amazing individuals.

Guest Blog by Jess T.
Global Village Trip Participant


  • First time on a construction site

This is what I was most nervous about… I have no idea how structures are built; I’m in awe of simple construction projects. I won’t pretend I’m anymore in the know and I need a lot of direction on site but it wasn’t scary at all! It’s thrilling to be a part of the process and incredible to be a part of the progress!

  • First time in Costa Rica

Guest Blog by Pete K.
Global Village Trip participant

I would like to say we’re ahead of schedule after 3 days on our site, but we’re not quite, and that’s OK. We’re doing fine and there’s plenty of opportunity to be on time. Plenty of time to become more acquainted with our new family and on-site local contractors. This is my fourth GV trip and I want to work hard but I also want to get to know who’s going to live here.

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