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Building Community Blog

Guest Blog by Missy Staples Thompson
Global Village Volunteer

After long journeys and pre-build adventures, the Twin Cities Habitat Cambodia Big Build Team arrived in city of Battambang, excited and ready to go. We’re joined by over 200 volunteers from all over the world. Our team will be building two homes this week, and the entire Big Build will provide 23 homes.

Guest Blog by Noah Keller
Twin Cities Habitat Staff

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity (TCHFH) is excited to announce two Global Village build trips in 2018! TCHFH staff will lead teams of approximately 20 volunteers to the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua:

Dominican Republic: February 3-11, 2018

Nicaragua: March 10-18, 2018

Registration is now open for these opportunities; please contact me at noah.keller@tchabitat.org for more information!

Guest Blog by Bonnie Power
Global Village trip participant

It is the last day to see the house and the family - the very last day.  How could that happen?! I am very sad as are all of us.  How can we tell our new friends that the pleasure is all ours - REALLY!!!  We will so miss Mario, Mao, Juanca, Wadel,  Andres, Felipe! How strange that we feel like family and come together as though no time has passed.

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