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Resilient. Hopeful. Together.
At Home.

Annual Report
July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021

“Now that my kids are in their own space, I see more and more who they are.”

–Angel, Habitat homeowner since 2019


It’s been a hard year. But it’s been a hard year at home. Maybe you worked at home. Schooled at home. Celebrated, grieved, struggled, thrived—at home.

Whether you know it or not, you did another important thing at home—you came together with this very special Habitat community. You showed up for your neighbors. You gave your time, talent, and treasure to fuel our At Home Fund to protect homeowners and expand homeownership. You remained resilient, hopeful, and together—at home.

With your generous support, from July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021, 818 families partnered with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, including 77 families who bought homes of their own.

Thank you for powering our mission to bring people together to create, preserve, and promote affordable homeownership and advance racial equity in housing.



Annual Report Welcome Letter Graphic

"You are part of a very special Habitat community. Through all the challenges of the last year, you’ve remained resilient and hopeful. You’ve worked together to support your neighbors. And you did it all at home."

Chris Coleman, President & CEO, and Nikki Sorum, Chair, Board of Directors

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Home is a shelter and springboard.

Angel bought her home with Habitat a few months before the pandemic began. When she caught COVID-19, her home gave her the space to protect her three children from catching it. Today, she sees her kids opening up and dreaming big. Angel’s home has already proven to be a sturdy shelter from storms and a springboard into a bright future.



When Angel is asked to name the single moment when she was most grateful for becoming a Habitat homeowner, here's how she replies:

“It’s like all the time. I'm always thinking about it. I thank God for opening this door in our lives.”

Before Habitat, she shared a two-bedroom apartment in North Minneapolis with her three children, Don, Aja, and Zyana. The apartment complex was noisy and there was very little privacy in their small space. She knew she wanted to buy a safe, stable home. But didn’t know how.

Habitat was her first call. And it turned out to be perfect.

She worked with a Habitat homeownership advisor to develop her path to homeownership, and in a year she was ready. This is the power of your support. Your gifts don’t just buy the lumber and nails to build and rehab homes. You help prepare local families for success in homeownership.

Angel found a home she loved where everyone could have a room of their own. When Angel contracted COVID a few months after moving in, she was able to quarantine in her bedroom/bath suite while her mother cared for the kids.

“I’m not sure what we would have done if we were still in our tiny apartment,” Angel said.

They weathered the worst of the pandemic. Today they’re thriving, and Angel can see the incredible impact her Habitat home has had on her children.

“Now that they’re in their own space, I see more and more who they are,” Angel said, “and we’re learning more and more about each other, because we’re in a quiet space without so many disruptions.”

When you support Habitat, you ensure more local families experience the transformational power of homeownership. Thank you.


Your support is urgent and transformational.

A stable, affordable home provides a safe harbor during a crisis like the pandemic and changes a family’s life for generations. You create, preserve, and promote affordable homeownership.


families bought homes with Habitat

deferred mortgage  38

homeowners deferred mortgage payments due to COVID hardship, joining 100 others since the start of the pandemic

chap assistance 332

homeowners accessed state-provided COVID housing assistance payments through Habitat, including 90 Habitat homeowners

coaching 151

households graduated from financial coaching into mortgage readiness

a brush with kindness 35

A Brush with Kindness home repair projects completed to preserve homeownership

age well at home 30

seniors received home safety modifications through our Age Well at HomeTM program

paid off mortgage 36

Habitat homeowners paid off their mortgages, bringing the total to 291

foreclosure counseling 46

non-Habitat homeowners received counseling to prevent foreclosure

global impact 58

international families bought homes thanks to our Global Impact Fund

restore waste out of landfills 3.2

million pounds of material were kept out of landfills thanks to ReStore Home Improvement Outlets


Total families partnered with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

Includes every family who had at least one financial coaching session.

You expand equitable access to homeownership.

Racist housing policies led to the Twin Cities’ shameful racial gap in homeownership—the worst in the nation. Thank you for working alongside Habitat to create homeownership access for those who’ve historically been denied it.

At Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, racial equity and anti-racism are embedded in our mission and values. We’re proud that about 80% of our homebuyer clients are households of color.

But the impact of racism in banking and social services is significant, and Habitat has fallen short of successfully serving Foundational Black Americans—those who are descendants of enslaved Africans and are most harmed by racist housing policies and practices. We are working to transform into an equity organization that centers the lived experiences of Foundational Black Americans and delivers a program that is relevant for more households.

Thank you for making Habitat’s racial equity work possible. Visit our Race and Housing Resource Center to learn about racist housing policies of the past, how they continue to shape our present, and what we can do to build a more equitable future.

Learn About Race & Housing

Minneapolis Redlined-1


The Habitat community is resilient.

Despite significant COVID restrictions on volunteering, people from all walks of life rallied together to build homes and transform lives.


volunteers gave of their time despite significant COVID restrictions on volunteering. They served on build sites, at home repair projects, in our ReStore Home Improvement Outlets, and more.

volunteer hours 48,056

hours served by volunteers

americorps members 28

AmeriCorps Members

americorps hours 32,032

hours served by AmeriCorps Members

action alerts 392

Action Alert messages sent to lawmakers to advance affordable homeownership

virtual hill day 133

people joined our Virtual Habitat on the Hill advocacy day

restore donors 22,415

donors to ReStore

restore shoppers 65,000

shoppers at ReStore

restore revenue $2.485

million in ReStore sales for Habitat's mission

Top 3 Construction Volunteers:

  1. Ann Norberg, 653 hours
  2. Corey Sauer, 508 hours
  3. Brian Koster, 482 hours

Top 3 ReStore Volunteers:

  1. Gordy Weaver, 570 hours
  2. Keith Olson, 232 hours
  3. Timmy Reckinger, 232 hours



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The Habitat community is generous.

In the wake of the pandemic, the Habitat community gave generously to the At Home Fund, protecting homeowners and expanding Habitat homeownership.


donors gave a total of $12,465,965

new donors 1,646

new donors made a gift to Habitat for the first time

builders circle 807

Builder’s Circle members gave gifts of $1,000 or more

carpenters club 258

Carpenter’s Club members gave recurring monthly gifts

legacy circle 109

Legacy Circle members included Habitat in their wills

faith groups 67

faith-based groups lived out their values by supporting Habitat

corporations 187

businesses provided financial support to Habitat projects

FY 2021 Revenue Pie Chart Preferred


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