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Donor-advised funds provide a flexible, tax-savvy method of giving that helps to build the quality of life, health and prosperity in our community through the production and preservation of homeownership. An increasingly popular charitable vehicle, donor-advised funds can be established with a number of entities, including community foundations and financial services companies.

How To Use A Donor-Advised Fund


You can recommend your donor-advised fund to make a gift on your behalf – even during a multi-year time frame – provided the commitment comes from the fund itself.

You can also establish a memorial fund in honor of someone through a donor-advised fund. It could be a new fund altogether, or granting in memorium out of an existing fund.

Contact your gift advisor to start the giving process. The information you’ll need is:

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity
1954 University Ave W
St. Paul, MN  55104
Tax ID # 36-3363171

Payments from donor-advised funds may not be used towards event registrations or other payments which return tangible benefits. Please check with your fund advisor for additional information on IRS restrictions on gifts from a donor-advised fund.

To learn more about making a gift to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity using a donor-advised fund, please contact us at 612-305-7183.

Questions about Donor-Advised Funds? Contact Us.