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Become a Women Build Team Leader

Recruit a team of volunteers and sponsor the day’s work. Bring a group of friends or co-workers out for a Team Leader Day at one of our Women Build homes. Individuals and groups who commit to participating in a Women Build Team Leader Day help to provide the resources necessary to build a home, including both volunteer labor and financial sponsorship.

A team leader is responsible for the following:

  • Recruiting a group of 10-15 volunteers for a full day on a construction site

  • Raising $1,500 and submitting donations to Twin Cities Habitat to support the day’s work

  • Acting as the main contact person and coordinator for their group of volunteers

  • Passing on specific workday information to each volunteer on their crew and assisting volunteers in signing up on VolunteerHub

  • Arriving on their day 30 minutes early to act as the Site Host for the first half hour

  • Provide lunch or ensure each volunteer brings their lunch to site

What is the best way to ensure I have a successful team leader experience?

Planning, planning, planning! Follow these easy steps to help recruit and fill your volunteer needs:

  • Begin by making a list of the people you think might be willing to join you on a build day (make the list longer than the number of people you think you will need—not everyone will be able to make it)

  • Make a timeline

  • Decide how you will raise the $1,500 to sponsor your day on site: Will your organization provide the funds? Will you personally sponsor your day? Will you set up an online peer-to-peer fundraiser?

  • Send out reminder emails and encourage volunteers to signup online ahead of you day on site

Express interest in becoming a team leader