Lynnisha and Simone grew up in a Habitat home purchased by their mom, Betty. She carefully saved and worked hard to provide her daughters with a stable place to call home. Watch their family's story, and see how Betty's home continues to have an impact in her daughters' lives.

You Can Be A Hero For The Next Generation

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Betty and her two daughters, Lynnisha and Simone, when she first bought her Habitat home.

When Betty purchased her Habitat home, she couldn't foresee how the impact would multiply with each generation. Her home became that safe, stable place for her young daughters to grow. Now, as adults, they're thriving. Here's how Betty's daughter, Simone, sums it up:

It started with my mom's Habitat house. But now both my sister and I own homes where our children can put down roots. There are no words to describe how good that feels! 

Donors like you are the key to multi-generational success. You make it possible for single moms like Betty to purchase their forever homes—and you make it possible for their children and grandchildren to purchase forever homes, too. Keep the cycle going with a gift today.

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