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It’s a magical moment when a family receives the key to their Habitat home.

So much goes into that key—every dollar you gave, every wall you raised, and all the family’s hard work. And that key unlocks more than their front door. It unlocks a world of potential. From July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019, 114 Twin Cities families received keys to their Habitat homes. And that’s just a fraction of the hundreds of families impacted by your generosity.

You stepped up. Now lives are changed forever.

Thank you.

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"You’ve unlocked so much potential by giving to Habitat. Home is the foundation for everything—health, education, wealth building. Good housing impacts every classroom, every board room, and every neighborhood."

Chris Coleman, President & CEO, and Judy McNamara, Chair, Board of Directors

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Home is where new possibilities abound.

Kera was in a bind. She didn’t make enough to get a mortgage from a bank, but made too much for many affordable housing programs. Then she found Habitat’s open market program. Like all Habitat homebuyers, she went through one-on-one financial coaching, homeownership classes, and mortgage preparation. Eventually she found a home she loves.

When she received the keys to her home, she almost couldn’t believe it. For the first few days, all she could do is drive by. But when she finally unlocked the door and stepped inside, her family’s life was changed forever.

"Habitat’s putting you in this amazing position to succeed, so you will!"

Kera, purchased a Habitat home in 2017

Home is where big dreams come true.

LeAndra always wanted to buy a home for her family. And by the time her two daughters reached ages 18 and 12, they really wanted rooms of their own. By no matter what she did, it always felt like homeownership was out of reach.

The LeAndra found Habitat. She became the 114th homebuyer this year, and her new home is just blocks away from her mom's house in Frogtown. Her dream came true. Now her daughters have the space to live our their dreams too.

"I want my kids to grow up and know they can go anywhere in this world, and at any given time, they have a home to return to. And I feel like this is the beginning of that."

LeAndra, purchased a Habitat home in 2019

Home is where a mom tucks her babies in at night.

Naja was nine when her parents bought a home with Habitat. Suddenly, there was no more frequent moving. Her parents could cut back on work hours to spend more time with the family. Naja had more space to study, play, and grow.

Naja’s parents inspired her. When she grew up, she made it a goal to buy a home of her own before raising her family. She did it. Now her two babies have the same firm foundation Naja’s parents gave her.

“Knowing that my parents struggled so much—if they were able to buy a home, how could I not have done it also?”

Naja, grew up in a Habitat home

families bought homes with Habitat

Calculator[1]  228

people graduated from financial coaching into mortgage readiness

Paintbrush2 60

A Brush with Kindness home repair projects completed to preserve homeownership

House 22

homeowners received home safety modifications through our Age in Place program

Coins 19

Habitat homeowners paid off their mortgages, bringing the total to 124

Key3 77

non-Habitat homeowners received counseling to prevent foreclosure

Family small yellow 48

international families bought homes thanks to our Global Impact Fund and Global Village volunteers

Total number of families who partnered with Habitat

Includes every family who had at least one financial coaching session toward homeownership

volunteers gave of their time on Habitat home builds and rehabs, at A Brush with Kindness home repairs, in our ReStore Home Improvement Outlets, in the office, and more.

HFH_ICON_HAMMER_Yellow 28,510

Volunteer days

AmeriCorps for FY19 Annual Report 62

AmeriCorps Members

Yellow star-1 45,707

Hours served by AmeriCorps Members

Top 3 Construction Volunteers:

  • #1: Ann Norberg, 131 days
  • #2: Jim Ramberg, 123 days
  • #3: Corey Sauer, 104 days

Top 3 ReStore Volunteers:

  • #1: Gordy Weaver, 246 days
  • #2: Tom Melena, 99 days
  • #3: James Larsen, 47 days

Top 2 Office Volunteers:

  • #1: Jerry Cromer-Poire, 59 days
  • #2: David Hill, 49 days

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Cost of Home Campaign

This year, we joined Habitat organizations nationwide in championing Cost of Home, an advocacy campaign aimed at promoting policies to make home affordable for more than 10 million people in the U.S.

As part of the Cost of Home launch, we held our first ever Red Blue Build for Minnesota legislators of all political parties.

5,749 actions were taken by Habitat advocates to champion affordable housing solutions.

Sign on to our Campaign

donors gave a total of $14,292,965

Shooting star-1 2,132

new donors made a gift to Habitat for the first time

logo-builders-circle-1-1 656

Builder’s Circle members gave gifts of $1,000 or more

logo-carpenters-club-1 288

Carpenter’s Club members gave recurring monthly gifts

Legacy_Circle_Logo-1 91

Legacy Circle members included Habitat in their estate plans


faith-based groups lived out their values by supporting Habitat

Yellow toolbox-1 425

businesses provided financial support to Habitat projects

Pie chart of supporters
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