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The Events Page

This is the page to find all of our volunteer opportunities. Bookmark this page now for easy access in the future!

If you’re new to Habitat, or just new to VolunteerHub, click the SIGN IN button at the top.

Ways to find events:

  • List View to compare events which occur on the same day
  • Calendar View to see all events occurring each month
  • Search for events by title or description by clicking the magnifying glass in the top right-hand corner when you are signed into your account
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The Sign In Page

Here is where you can sign in or register as a volunteer with us. If you are signing into your account, remember to check the box next to keep me logged in for easier access to the website!

New Users

  • Please use the Create New Account button on the right
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The Create Account Page

This is the start of your volunteer experience with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity! Simply follow the on-screen instructions – the progress bar at the top will show how far along you are.

Important notes

  • We are not using any Join Codes currently, so please press NEXT at this step
  • The Affiliations section is an opportunity to let us know which skills and interests you have. Check any which apply to you!
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Account Complete!

You are now a registered volunteer with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. Now you can start signing up for events. See you on site!

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