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What We Do

We work to bring affordable housing to the Twin Cities area communities and the families that live in them. We build, repair, and sell homes to families with an affordable mortgage while connecting them to the community through our neighborhood revitalization projects.

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Our Work

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We provide affordable mortgages for families to buy homes and set them up for success with coaching and training.

Homeownership Program
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We preserve homeownership through our A Brush with Kindness paint and home repair program and foreclosure counseling.

Other Programs
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We revitalize communities with strong partnerships to build affordable housing developments, creating a long-lasting impact on a larger scale.

Habitat Developments
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We raise our voices for public investment and good housing policies across the housing continuum.

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We engage Habitat partnerships around the world through financial support and Global Village volunteer trips.

Global Engagement
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We operate two ReStore Home Improvement Outlets to generate revenue from donated home furnishings, furniture, and building supplies.

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About Habitat Homes

Energy Star Certified HomesTwin Cities Habitat builds and rehabs homes primarily with volunteer labor across the seven-county metro area. We are proud to partner with ENERGY STAR to promote energy efficient products and practices that save money and protect our environment. We are the largest builder of ENERGY STAR homes in Minnesota.

In addition, every new home is built to meet LEED standards. We take on sustainability projects with partners across the Twin Cities, such as a net zero energy home in partnership with the University of Minnesota.

Habitat homes are designed to fit into the community—whether that’s townhome units within a suburban subdivision, or a new home in a historic part of the city. We build and rehab many different types of homes. Check out our Major Developments landing page to learn more about some of our larger projects.

Serving Those Who Servedyellow ribbon

In 2012, Twin Cities Habitat became the first nonprofit in the state to acquire Yellow Ribbon status. We support military families through special consideration in Habitat programs, including being exempt from having to be first-time homeowners to enter our Homeownership Program.

We also make it easier for veterans and current service members to receive home repairs through our A Brush with Kindness home repair program. They must have lived in their home for at least one year, instead of the two-year requirement for other homeowners.

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