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Affordable homeownership with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity is a game changer for families. Now, thanks to new financial partnerships, these opportunities can more than double in the coming years. Plus, families will have dramatically more choice in how they partner with Twin Cities Habitat to buy a home. See details in the Impact 2020 plan. But this will only happen with your help. Please volunteer, donate or advocate today.

Multiplying The Impact

More Choices

Families can buy a home built or rehabbed by Twin Cities Habitat


Families can buy a home on the open market with rehab assistance and an affordable mortgage from Habitat

More Partners

  • Bremer Bank partnership to help finance 500 mortgages
  • Community organizations refer families
  • Volunteers build and repair homes
  • Donors fund work
  • Advocates promote public partnerships

4-year goals of Impact 2020

View Our Strategic Plan

Homebuyer families per year more than double

 Homebuying opportunities in strategic plan

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