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Builder's Circle members receive:

  • invitations to exclusive Builder's Circle events
  • recognition in:
    • Annual Report
    • Habitat Herald newsletter
  • a special gift from Habitat

Every Gift Matters

Here's how your contribution could help:

$25,000 year / $2,084 month

Build a teenager’s first bedroom all to herself, providing the stability and comfort to grow and learn.

$10,000 year / $834 month

Repair a critically damaged home to make it safe for an elderly woman trying to stay in the home she has lived in for decades.

$5,000 year / $417 month

Put a new roof on a home for a low-income family struggling to stay in their home.

$2,500 year / $209 month

Partner with a single mom to repair her home and make it safe for her kids.

$1,000 year / $84 month

Provide homebuyer and financial awareness training to 10 Habitat families, providing the skills needed to create a stable home and bright future.


For questions, contact Bryn at Bryn.Ford-Jacoby@tchabitat.org or 612-305-7183.

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