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Brittany's Story: My son and I now have a place we can forever call home

Laura Duque
Posted by Laura Duque on 3:41 PM on May 19, 2020

We recently held a Photo Contest where we asked Twin Cities Habitat homeowners to submit a photo and caption that answered the question: "How has your home impacted your education?" Here's one of the winning entries. Story and photos shared with the homeowner’s permission.

Habitat homeowner Brittany submitted this photo of her son Ayden with this caption:

Brittany's son Ayden (Photo Contest Winner)

“In the general summarized words of Ayden (9-year-old pictured) –
Having a home has impacted my education because I don't have to ever worry about having to move again. I can relax knowing I have space to grow and do all of my schoolwork and random projects. I can use the space to explore my curiosity. I can even yell as loud as I want! I have a place to call home and I feel like I am more a part of a supportive community which in turn helps me embrace my education.”

Brittany and Ayden moved into their St. Louis Park home in late 2019. Since then, Ayden has enjoyed having more space to learn and play. This is more important than ever before with school being full-time at home due to COVID-19.

Right now, Brittany is also working from home as a Financial Education Supervisor at a local Credit Union. She and Ayden are grateful to have a safe and affordable place to call home during this challenging time.

Brittany and Ayden in front of their homeBrittany and Ayden in front of their home.

Brittany and Ayden have already created many memories in their home. One of their favorite memories was when they had all of their closest family members over. Something so simple yet often taken for granted with very small homes with loud neighbors.

Now that it’s warmer out, Brittany and Ayden have enjoyed being able to fully explore the outside and see more of their neighborhood.

Brittany and Ayden having fun outsideBrittany and Ayden having fun outside!

Before buying with Habitat, Brittany always dreamed of being a homeowner. However, as a single mom with one income, she did not think this would ever be possible. That changed when she learned about Habitat’s homeownership program.

“After I met with my advisor for the first time, I was so excited to run, not walk, towards homeownership. I could afford the monthly payment with the low interest rate and no PMI. The down-payment and closing costs would be affordable to me, and best of all, I could purchase a home on the open market in any area I wanted.”

Brittany says Habitat made buying a home a wonderful experience. She appreciated the guidance she received at every step of the way. It’s something she will never forget.

Brittany at her closingBrittany receiving her keys at her home closing.

To this day, Brittany still remembers walking into her home right after her closing and just standing in the doorway for a few minutes in shock that it was hers. That she had done it.

“I am just so grateful to Habitat and all of the employees, volunteers, and donors that have been able to make this happen for my son and me. We are first generation homeowners and I am now in the process of guiding my brother to homeownership through habitat. My son and I now have a place we can forever call home and that affects us in more ways than you can imagine.”

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