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Home Dedication for Mai and Her Kids

On Thursday, June 8, Habitat supporters came together to celebrate a new homeowner and her energetic children.

Win Curtiss, a member of Twin Cities Habitat's Dedications Committee, welcomed guests to the new Habitat home. Win asked homeowner, Mai, to introduce her children who were scattered throughout the house. Mai called out to all of them— Noelle, Yund, Sebastian, and Eva, all under the age of 15. The children quickly filled the home with noise, and the clamor was a beautiful glimpse into the future for Mai's family. 

Mai was so excited to move into a place with more space for her children to run: "I want to thank all for helping and I'm excited to grow old in this home. I appreciate all the help."Mai's family

Skip Schmall, Site Supervisor for Twin Cities Habitat recalled his experience working with Entrepreneurs House volunteers, the major sponsor on the home: "It feels like it was just yesterday that we worked on this house. Entrepreneurs House has a big impact on the community." Skip shared that Entrepreneurs House is much like Habitat's mission. The group is a community of Twin Cities entrepreneurs that come from a wide variety of businesses to build Habitat Homes. Similar to Habitat, people from different backgrounds come together to make a difference. 

Mik Gusenius is on the Twin Cities Entrepreneurs House Steering Committee and worked hard on the home: "We (Entrepreneurs House) were born in 2003. Smaller firms can come out a few days and help build. I think this is such a special program."

Mark Henneman giving Golden Rule Mai and her parents

Twin Cities Habitat Board Member, Mark Henneman, built on the home as a volunteer and was happy to see his work was holding up: " It was 11 months ago that I was hanging the front door and back door and I'm relieved they're still there! Mai, on behalf of the board, staff and donors—we are so excited to celebrate with you."

Mai and her family are ready to move in and start their lives in the Habitat Home. Mai's parents, sister, nieces and nephews plan on coming over to the house all the time. We wish all the best to Mai and her family!

We are excited to celebrate Mai and other Habitat Homeowners during June Homeownership Month.

Minnesota's Homeownership Center is celebrating this month with their theme "There's Nothing Like Homeownership." At Twin Cities Habitat, we believe that Homeownership is necessary to provide stability for families, improve health and safety, increase educational and job prospects, and create community opportunities. Join us in celebrating Homeownership Month by checking out our Homeownership program and other resources to assist you on the journey through the homebuying process. 

 For more photos by Andrea Cole, click here

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Anna Skemp

Anna Skemp

Anna Skemp is the Marketing and Events Associate. Anna aspires to help others and create positive community. She graduated from The College of Saint Benedict with a communication degree and a strong desire to work in the non-profit sphere. Anna arrived at Habitat for Humanity after internships with The Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota and Youth Frontiers. She is a music lover, a yoga enthusiast, and a firm believer in smiling.

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