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ReStore Recap: Make Winter Warmer, Replace Your Toilet, and More!

ReStore Recap: Make Winter Warmer, Replace Your Toilet, and More!

As we settle into the new year, our ReStore team is back to share their expertise on all things home improvement and DIY!

In this ReStore Recap, you'll find our best tips for making the most of winter, how to replace your toilet, and how to make your own charcuterie tray. Plus, discover the impact of your ReStore purchases, explore the journey your items take after donation, and learn how to become a Winter Warrior.

Selection of doors at ReStore

The Journey of Your ReStore Donations

When you donate an item to our ReStore Home Improvement Outlets, you aren't just supporting Twin Cities Habitat—you're also supporting your community and the environment. Your donations keep ReStore sustainable. They redistribute affordable household items to the community, and proceeds support local families on their path to homeownership. From the moment your items leave your hands, they are cherished by ReStore staff until they find a new home. Learn more about your donation's journey and how to get involved with ReStore!


ReStore Youth Volunteer-2-2-1

Warm Your Heart and Become a Winter Warrior

At Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, winter volunteering opportunities are as bountiful as they are fun. Though it might be colder, volunteering in the winter doesn’t mean you'll be outside. That's the case for ReStore volunteers! Earn the title "Winter Warrior" when you volunteer three or more times this winter (January to March)—or when you volunteer on a designated Winter Warriors day. You'll also get some awesome swag as a reward! There are opportunities to volunteer at ReStore, either as an individual or with a group. Help stock shelves, direct customers, and label items. As our Winter Warriors like to say, "Hope doesn’t take a snow day."


Modern bathroom with toilet, towel rack, and shower

DIY Guide to Replacing a Toilet

Are you thinking about replacing a toilet in your home? Whether it's a cosmetic update or a repair, chances are most homeowners will face a toilet project at some point. Whether you're stopping a leak or need to replace the whole unit, the project might seem daunting. But doing this task on your own can save you lots of money! Our ReStore team created this five-step guide to help you replace your toilet on your own.


charcuterie tray with meats and cheeses

DIY Charcuterie Tray

It's easy to spend a lot of money on gifts for friends and family. Well, we're here to show you that you don't have to break the bank or spend time in long lines to give a wonderful gift! With a little elbow grease and a trip to ReStore, you can create homemade—and affordable—gifts.


Brittany and her son smiling

The Impact of Your Purchase

When you shop at ReStore, you can find great deals on home furnishings and supplies. And you also give the gift of home. That's because sales from our two stores help build several Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity homes each year! Last year alone, 70,490 ReStore shoppers helped fund the building of five Habitat homes. Each time you make a purchase, you're supporting local families—families like Brittany's.

Jan at WCCO studio

Make Winter Warmer, Safer, and Cheaper

Whether you love winter or are eagerly awaiting spring, you can make the cold months warmer, safer, and cheaper. ReStore Manager Jan Hagerman shares her best tips and tricks for making the most of winter. Check out her segment on WCCO, then stop by ReStore to look for supplies to implement her advice!

Have items to donate? If you're starting the new year with some cleaning and organizing, you may have items you no longer want or need. Donating to ReStore is easy! You can drop off your donation or schedule a pick up.

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