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There are always plenty of fads to choose from, but some have more impact than others. People used to think recycling was just a fad that would die out, but it soon became integrated into our way of life. In a similar fashion, many people are hoping to see others start upcycling items instead of simply getting rid of them.

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity's donate your birthday program offers donors and volunteers an exciting and meaningful way to
make an impact for hard-working families! Instead of receiving gifts, give a gift that will help a family buy a safe, decent and affordable home. Ask your friends and family to donate to Habitat for your birthday and share with them why you believe in Habitat's mission to empower families.

An affordable home must be an efficient home. Otherwise, a family ends up throwing away too much money keeping the lights on, the water running, and staying warm during a cold Minnesota winter. That's why Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity builds greenness into every new home by making sure it meets at least the LEED Silver standard for design and efficiency.  

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