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Solar Incentives for Habitat Homeowners

Solar Incentives for Habitat Homeowners

Recent changes to utility rebates and tax incentives make now a great time for Habitat homeowners to explore going solar. The Low-Income Solar Rewards incentive is income-qualified and Habitat homeowners are eligible!

Since launching in 2014, Solar Rewards has provided financial incentives to help thousands of Minnesota homeowners pay for small solar installations. Gradually, a larger share of Solar Rewards has been directed to income-qualified customers.  

  • As of January 1, 2024, ALL Habitat homeowners are eligible for Xcel Energy’s Solar Rewards Program. This program provides a significant up-front incentive for installing solar panels PLUS a 10-year annual production incentive.
  • The federal Inflation Reduction Act provides tax credits for solar installations at a minimum of 30% and as high as 70% of installation costs depending on location and income.

    Solar panels on the roof of a small house.

Why solar?

Going solar has numerous benefits for homeowners and the environment. 

  1. Monthly savings on utility bills. Solar panels create a natural source of energy that can power your home. The monthly amount owed on a solar loan is typically less than an average utility bill. 
  2. Increase the value of your home. Solar panels are viewed as upgrades, just like a renovated kitchen or a finished basement. Having solar power will make your home more attractive to buyers when you're ready to sell.
  3. Long-term protection from utility price increases. With utility bills trending upward, solar is likely to remain a good money-saving option for years to come. 
  4. Reducing CO2 emissions is good for the environment. Solar power produces zero emissions, which decreases our carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels. It can also help improve air quality. What's good for the environment is good for our communities and neighborhoods!

Explore resources

Twin Cities Habitat invites Habitat homeowners to explore solar through one of our trusted partners:

  • Solar United Neighbors (SUN)
    SUN provides help for homeowners who either want to explore getting solar panels installed on their homes OR join a solar co-op, where a group of neighbors join together to purchase solar energy from a "solar garden."
    • Contact Bobby King: (612) 293-7267
  • Apadana Solar
    Apadana is a local full-service solar provider, helping homeowners to maximize their solar resources and navigate financial incentives. They are a certified small, minority-owned business enterprise ranked highly by solar industry organizations.
    • Contact Andy Goke: (612) 470-1393
  • All Energy Solar
    All Energy Solar is a local provider that has been installing solar in the Twin Cities since 2009. They provide full solar panel installation services as well as financing. A new program offering could mean no-cost solar installation for a limited number of homeowners.
    • Contact Charles Mollenkamp: (612) 248-0560

Top tips

Get quotes from at least 3 companies before selecting any contractor. A full list of solar installers that have agreed to the Minnesota Solar Energy Industries Association (MnSEIA) code of conduct can be found at: www.mnseia.org.

There are a wide range of other incentives for higher income homeowners, including a “regular” Solar Rewards program, and tax incentives through the Inflation Reduction Act. Head to Rewiring America to use a comprehensive rebate calculator based on zip code and income. 

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