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Building Community Blog

As many of you know, we launched a new blog featuring our ReStore stories, projects, staff, volunteers, and events. In order to make sure you still receive the highlights of what's happening at our ReStores, we publish a "ReStore Recap", in order to give you an overview of all the great posts being published over at The ReStoration Corner.

Until his retirement a few months ago, Anthony worked in architecture and engineering with Target Corp. That background made him a perfect fit for helping Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity build out its newest ReStore. Specifically, Anthony used his building experience to help organize and supervise the volunteers who transformed the new ReStore from empty warehouse into one of the nicest ReStore’s in the country.

We have a fun announcement to share with all of our loyal blog readers. A few of you may have noticed that there has been a shortage of ReStore-related blog articles on our Building Community Blog lately—and you'd be correct. We've been in the process of creating a ReStore-only blog, The ReStoration Corner, that features ReStore events, fun DIY projects and much more!

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