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Dedications are one of the special pieces of Habitat's program. They help show the impact stable, affordable housing has on families that partner with us. They also give the opportunity to bring a community together to celebrate and "send the family off to success beyond their dreams," as Board Member Dan Shapiro wished one of the celebrated families this past week.

Regular Crews at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity form the backbone of our volunteer base. While reg crew members only make up 3% of annual volunteers, they account for 25% of the total onsite volunteer days!

There are currently 19 regular crews with Twin Cities Habitat—some based on geography, others formed around a church or workplace. Whatever their reason for joining, all regular crew members bring consistency, a passion for the mission, and a strong bond of friendship.

So, who are these reg crew members? Check out a few of these dedicated volunteers.

The loud rattle of air hammers driving nails into wood was about the only noise in Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity’s Panel Plant. Eleven members of the Southside Regulars Crew eschewed conversation in favor of focusing on the work of building wall panels. By the end of their Tuesday volunteer shift, they had completed almost all of the panels for an entire Habitat home.

By Habitat Staff

As the weather warms up, our need for one-day volunteers on our Habitat home build and home repair projects starts to slow down. However, there are other volunteer positions in the summer months that are incredibly impactful. So let’s take a moment to highlight these incredible volunteers who keep our projects going day after day, week after week!

The first thing the South Metro regular crew will tell you is that their name is misleading as they rarely work in South Minneapolis anymore. Members have stories about memorable builds in locations throughout the 7 county metropolitan area and they jokingly claim that they work anywhere south of Duluth.

When Dick Hertel joined the South Metro regular crew in 1999 he was the youngest member but he was not the only member to have joined that year. Many of the men have been with the South Metro crew for years and there is such a fun atmosphere on site and camaraderie among the men that it is easy to see why there are so many longtime members.

 Jim Wehri, who has been with South Metro for 5 years, says he really enjoys the work and likes all the skills he has learned over the years (after learning a new skill he often goes back home to work on his own house) but the best part of being a member is getting out of the house and being with the guys.

September 21st was the day 3M had designated as its Global Volunteer Day, a day where employees are encouraged to go out into their communities to do service work. For 25 current employees, and 4 alumni, that meant spending the day helping to build townhomes in a Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity development in Cottage Grove. Other groups of 3M employees were working at different Habitat projects, or at a wide assortment of community organizations throughout the Twin Cities.

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