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Populations face unique barriers to affordable housing

housing discrimination disability This week in the news we see several stories highlighting the different challenges individuals face in obtaining safe and stable housing. And we see that the solutions are not one size fits all. Building communities where everyone can afford to live requires us to understand the unique situations faced by different populations:

  • Eleanor Smith, who has polio and has used a wheelchair all her life was once told by a potential landlord, “I don't want to rent to someone who has a disability,” This statement was made over 30 years ago and while housing discrimination is now illegal, many individuals still are challenged by this issue today. 

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Shari Hemmingsen, Housing Matters! Intern, and Jill Kilibarda, Education and Civic Engagement Program Manager, Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

Housing Matters! is a community education program of Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.

To achieve Habitat’s vision that everyone should have a decent affordable place to live, we need to create more awareness and understanding of housing issues in our community. To that end, our blog posts seek to share news stories that highlight unique perspectives and creative solutions. The articles posted are intended to create conversation and inspire creative action, and do not necessarily imply support from Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity.