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Housing News

Open Road Fund banner with illustration of people walking together

Open Road Fund Helps Build Black Wealth

In June 2023, Nexus Community Partners launched the Open Road Fund, a groundbreaking $50 million resource to help build wealth for descendants of the...

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Silhouette of a key and a house in front of a sunset.

Why Fall and Winter Might Be the Best Time of Year to Buy a House

Before the pandemic caused major upheaval in the housing market, fall and winter were often considered the best time to buy because of better prices....

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Miniature wooden house next to wood blocks that say 2023.

Twin Cities 2023 Housing Market Forecast

Editor's note: Interviews for this forecast were conducted with Adade Amenounve and David Arbit. Adade is a REALTOR, a broker, and a member of the...

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Inspection of a partially-demolished wall.

How Housing Impacts Health

It’s estimated that people spend about 90% of their lives indoors. This highlights how important our homes are to our overall health. On a global...

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Two individuals shaking hands next to an approved Habitat document.

How Interest Rates Work and Impact The Cost of a Home [VIDEO]

How much do you really pay when you buy a home? A loan you take out to buy a house is called a mortgage. The mortgage is usually a little less than...

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Man hammering a roof

When Buying a Home, Don't Forget the Roof Inspection

To land their dream home in today’s ultra-competitive real estate market, buyers are making unexpected compromises. Making offers without ever...

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A tiny home in front of a calculator with blurred background

What to Expect from the Twin Cities Housing Market in 2021

2020 was challenging, to say the least, and the Twin Cities housing market changed rapidly to keep up. While the world navigates an ever-evolving...

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With a clear sky in the snow, a two-story Habitat house with peach siding at the top near the roof, and brown siding on the bottom half of the house. A short set of stairs leads up to the covered porch and front door. The house has a pitched roof and white trim.

What Experts Expect From the Minnesota Housing Market for the rest of 2020

If you are planning to buy your first home in 2020, there is a lot to learn about the market! With a pandemic, recession, and social distancing...

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minnesota state capitol

Urging State Leaders to Prioritize Homeowners in COVID-19 Response

Press Release submitted March 24, 2020. Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota, Minnesota Homeownership Center, and Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity have...

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A bright red shed in the snow, with solar panels on the roof.

Solar-ready Habitat homes

From building ENERGY STAR certified homes, to meeting LEED standards on our new home builds , to tackling special energy-efficient projects like our...

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