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Virtual Habitat Home Celebrations!

Virtual Habitat Home Celebrations!

At Twin Cities Habitat, we know how to throw a good party and there is one good party that has been hard for us to miss, our Habitat Home Celebrations. But, we were determined to find a way to have a meaningful and safe home celebration while our in-person events are on hold. Thanks to some creative thinkers, we found a great solution!

Home celebrations are a time to celebrate the community that comes together to create affordable, stable homeownership. The house is the collective achievement of the entire Habitat community.

Dozens of people smiling and waving outside of LeAndra's home, with many people on the front porch and many on the lawn in the shade.
Habitat Homeowner LeAndra at her 2019 Home Celebration 

We created a home celebration video to recognize the homebuyer(s) who partnered with Habitat and the volunteers and sponsors who graciously gave their time turning a house into a home.

The home celebration video features Habitat staff reciting our In A Home poem that is read at every home celebration and a message from Twin Cities Habitat President & CEO Chris Coleman.

The In A Home poem is how we end our home celebrations as a reminder of the significance of home in all our lives. The reading weaves together quotes from Habitat homeowners and their children (in italics) about the meaning and importance of home. 

A house is walls and floors, windows and doors.
A home is refuge, love, security, a blanket, a shelter.
It’s where we make beautiful memories that will last a lifetime and where we all come together and speak a common language.

A house is drywall and shingles.
A home is a place to settle down and relax at the end of the day.
It holds great things like toys, books, and slippers.

A house is bricks and studs and nails.
A home has saved my life and given me hope.
It’s a place to experience everyday outbursts of emotion, have quiet debates, and raucous play dates.

At the end of the day, a house provides shelter, but a home is, plain and simple, a blessing from God, where everyone can feel loved and wanted and appreciated.

We are excited to recreate the magic of our home celebrations and continue to recognize the homebuyers, volunteers, sponsors, and all those involved during this challenging time. Thank you to all who support Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, and for turning houses into homes. 

Want to continue creating an impact? Volunteer with us!

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