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Take part in a Home Dedication!

 “There is no better place to be!” said Karin O’Connor, longtime volunteer on the Twin Cities Habitat dedications committee. “Watching the homeowner families as we dedicate their houses, their excitement for their new homes - I am in awe that we all get to be a part of their dreams for the future.”

Home dedications are a beautiful celebration of all the work that goes into building and owning a Habitat home. Volunteers, sponsors, and of course, the homeowner, are recognized for all the hard work and time spent making a family’s dream a reality.

Because this spring is full of celebrations, we want to take some time to recognize a few of the fantastic Dedications Committee members who make those happy gatherings run so smoothly.

Karin has been on the committee for 10 years. After being a volunteer on a home build, she attended the dedication and loved it so much she said, “Where do I go to sign-up?”

Another friendly face, usually one who is greeting you at the door, is Susie DeShon. Susie has been on the committee for 17 years! “Being on the dedications committee is a great way to be involved with Habitat. SusieWonderful relationships are developed with committee members. The dedications themselves are events of joy and sharing with the homeowners, sponsors and volunteers.”

Win Curtiss is our committee member who can most likely be found playing with the kids. Win has been helping for five years, but has been involved with Habitat for over 10. Win says it's amazing "sharing in the excitement and joy of the new homeowners, especially the children.”

Home dedications are a heartwarming experience. You come to congratulate then stay for the cake, coffee, and friendly conversation.

If you are interested in helping out at a home dedication, please email anna.skemp@tchabitat.org


If you would like to come and celebrate a family, please stay informed on home dedication dates on our events page!

A big THANK YOU to all of our Dedication's Committee members!   

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Anna Skemp

Anna Skemp

Anna Skemp is the Marketing and Events Associate. Anna aspires to help others and create positive community. She graduated from The College of Saint Benedict with a communication degree and a strong desire to work in the non-profit sphere. Anna arrived at Habitat for Humanity after internships with The Children’s Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota and Youth Frontiers. She is a music lover, a yoga enthusiast, and a firm believer in smiling.

Topics: Twin Cities Habitat, Home Dedication