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Guest Blog by Jackie Peak
Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity Staff

When asked what faith communities are examples of a partner involved in all aspects of Habitat, First Universalist in Minneapolis is one of the first I think of. Members of First Universalist have been volunteering and donating in support of Twin Cities Habitat’s mission to eliminate poverty housing from our community since 1991.

The Golden Rule is a universal concept, that defies race, religion and time. From the Prophet Muhammad to Hillel and the Bible, the concept of treating others the way you want to be treated is something we should all strive to attain. While Habitat for Humanity is rooted in the Christian tradition, we do our work in partnership with people of all faiths. Faith in Action has been a value of Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity since its founding.

Guest blog by Jessa Anderson-Reitz
Twin Cities Habitat Staff Member

Thrivent Builds with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity began in 2005, with the mission of providing affordable housing to families. This partnership engages Thrivent members and volunteers to make a difference in their community and engages families to build on the cornerstone of financial security through affordable homeownership. Together, Thrivent and Habitat for Humanity have partnered in neighborhoods throughout the US and across the globe to make a real difference for families and individuals.

Faith is a powerful force. But a great challenge of our fast-paced, modern life is living our faith on a daily basis. It's easy to get overwhelmed and accept a feeling of complete helplessness against the wrongs and sins we see all around us.

These days it’s important to have strong leaders we can look to, listen to, and learn from as examples of people putting faith into action. And, just as importantly, getting results from the work.

Guest Post By Habitat Staff

Last week a number of volunteers came together for an A Brush With Kindness project to help give a fresh coat of paint for the home of Sharon and Burton Miller. Sharon and Burton are disabled senior citizens who have been living in their home in Richfield since 1962.  Burton is a veteran of the US Army Reserves, and the couple spent many years keeping up with home repairs.  After some medical issues a couple of years ago, the couple is no longer physically or financially able to keep up with their home repairs.

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