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All About One-Day Group Volunteering

All About One-Day Group Volunteering

Volunteering with others is fun—and good for us. In fact, according to Mayo Clinic, one of the top benefits of volunteering is new or strengthened relationships! Those who give their time to serve with Twin Cities Habitat agree. There’s nothing like showing up to a volunteer shift and spending the day bonding as you build.

For Lauren Freathy, a Communications Manager at U.S. Bank, volunteering with a group is a surefire way to try new things—and make an impact while having fun. “I love coordinating a team to volunteer with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity for a day because it gets us out of our comfort zone. We are able to work on team building and giving back to the community,” she explained. “There are so many folks who need help with housing—why not put down your computer and pick up a hammer for humanity?”

When you volunteer with a group—whether it’s your friends, a community-based group, some coworkers, or even a bachelorette party—you’ll be sure to have a good time making a difference. Curious about these one-day group volunteer options? Keep reading for everything you need to know about one-day group volunteering and scheduling.

What Groups Can Volunteer?

Business Groups

Volunteering is a great way for professional teams to build camaraderie and connection. Our business partners enjoy unique team-building experiences for employees, great PR opportunities, and many more benefits. Learn more about corporate volunteerism >

Faith-Based Groups

Many faith-based groups live out their values by volunteering with Twin Cities Habitat. These communities are important partners in our mission, serving together to put their faith into action. Learn how to get your group involved >

Youth and Education Groups

At Twin Cities Habitat, young people and students are vital to our mission. Whether you’re in high school or college, you can make a difference. We work with youth and educational groups to provide special volunteer opportunities. (High school or college students can also start campus Habitat chapters!) Learn more about youth and family opportunities >

Have younger kids? Stay tuned for events like Family Volunteer Day for engaging activities for the whole family!

Community Groups

Are you part of a book club, neighborhood group, or hobby-based club? Try something new together and volunteer! Community groups and organizations are instrumental in working toward our goals and spreading awareness. Learn how to get your group involved >

What Can My Group Do?

You might have a group in mind, but maybe you’re unsure about what you’ll do during your time volunteering. We understand you might be nervous to try something new or join us on a build site—don't worry! No experience is necessary, and our friendly staff will show you everything you need to know. All materials and tools are provided. And if building or rehabbing homes isn’t a good fit for your group, we have plenty of other options to fit different interests. You don’t even have to pick up a hammer. Group volunteer opportunities are available all year, both indoor and outdoor, and Saturdays are available in the winter. Whatever your group chooses to do, there’s a good chance you’ll learn something new.

Two volunteers working on cabinets.

“Our group has [volunteered] for 15 years. We look forward to our build day every summer. We have learned so many skills through the years, from framing, sheetrock, and siding to erecting scaffolding and finishing work. The project we were most proud of was the year we put up roof trusses by hand. It took the entire team!” said Shaun Olson, a Women Build team leader. “One of the things I most appreciate is the patience of the site supervisors as they get us going for the day. Even if we're doing something we’ve done before, it’s great to have the refresher. We are older and take a little longer to recover now, but we hope to keep coming back for many years to come.”

Note: To accomplish our goals of providing safe, stable, affordable homeownership, we ask volunteer groups to donate for their build day. This sponsorship ensures that homes are affordable and keeps our mission sustainable. If you are not able to sponsor at that level, there are still ways to participate. Please contact us to discuss options to get involved.

Winter volunteer days run Tuesday through Saturday. Sponsorship is encouraged but not required for winter volunteer groups. There are plenty of ways to get involved in the colder months, including joining our Winter Warriors program. Contact us to learn more.


Homebuilding is our most well-known volunteer opportunity. When you volunteer on a build site, you’re literally creating affordable homes for neighbors in the Twin Cities.

Homebuilding workday is 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (full day required)

A Brush With Kindness Home Repair

We don’t just build homes at Twin Cities Habitat—you can also help repair existing homes. A Brush With Kindness (ABWK) is our home repair program. You can help preserve affordable homeownership by maintaining and repairing homes. Think painting, exterior repairs, and more!

ABWK workday is 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (full day required)

Women Build

Women Build provides a welcoming environment to work on homes across the metro area each year. This opportunity attracts volunteers from all walks of life who want to make a profound difference for families and the community. Women Build is dedicated to creating a space for all volunteers to serve, gain new skills, and create community.

Women Build workday is 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (full day required)

How Do I Get Started?

If you’re inspired to give back to your community, getting involved is easy. First, decide who you want to invite to volunteer with you. Then, fill out the group volunteer opportunities form. One of our engagement associates will connect with you to schedule your group volunteer day. Finally, prepare to have an amazing time making a difference with your group. You just might start a new tradition! Dawn, a Women Build team leader, shared about her team’s experience volunteering: “A member of my team sent me a text after the build and said, ‘I just wanted to say thanks for continuing to organize these Women Build teams each year. They are great fun!’”

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