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Four ways to advocate for housing with Habitat now

matt haugen
Posted by matt haugen on 2:49 PM on March 6, 2017

If there was a Housing Hero spotlight beacon (think Bat-Signal) that we could turn on above the State Capitol in St. Paul we’d be doing it right now. The capitol is flooded with activity these days as invigorated citizens visit lawmakers with all kinds of requests. So, if you want to see our leaders make smart investments in the places we call home—now is the time to act. It’s really easy.

Here are four free ways you can have an impact by raising your voice.

You can thank our housing champions

Housing Hero-364565-edited.jpgAll the bills backed by the Homes for All coalition (which Twin Cities Habitat is proud to be a part of) have been introduced. They include funding for the Department of Health and Human Services (HF874 and SF658 ) and Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (HF1470 and SF1540), plus bonding proposals to spur housing construction (HF864 and SF0666). Find out if your Representative or Senator is one of the 39 authors leading the charge on housing. Click here to send a thank you email to them.

You can be a part of Homeless Day on the Hill – March 14

The Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless (another member of the Homes for All coalition) organizes this great day of advocacy. If you haven’t been to the newly renovated State Capitol yet, this is a great opportunity. Hurry, the deadline to sign up is midnight Monday, March 6. 

You can be a part of Habitat Day on the Hill – April 18

We’re getting all the Habitat Housing Heroes together from around the state. You’ll get a t-shirt, a box lunch, and training on meeting with lawmakers. You can sign up now.

You can visit/email/call your representatives on your own

Lawmakers do like hearing from their constituents. We’re happy to help you. You can email Caitlin and she will let you know who your representatives are and how to reach out to them. She’ll even help coordinate an in-person meeting for you. 

If you’re looking to have a positive impact on our community right now—being a housing advocate is a great way to start.

Sing up to be a housing hero

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