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Growing Up in a Habitat Home

Becky Engen
Posted by Becky Engen on 11:00 AM on February 24, 2015

girl_studying-at-schoolHaving a Habitat home can provide the safety, stability and opportunity that kids need to thrive, and serve as the foundation for building a brighter future. The following are results from a recent Homeowner Impact Study conducted by Habitat for Humanity Minnesota and Wilder Research. This statewide study explores the connection between Habitat homeownership and a homeowner’s quality of life, including: safety, health, education, social connectedness, family interaction and personal well-being, and economic situation.

The study found that:

  • Over 90 percent of homeowners feel safe in their homes and about 80 percent feel safer than they were in their previous homes. A similar percentage felt that their children are now safer.
  • More than 80 percent of homeowners reported they feel connected to their community, and over half said they participate more in community activities.

In addition to the overall benefits for families, there are special insights about the benefits experienced by children who grow up in a Habitat home. The following data is related to a child's academic performance after moving into their Habitat home in the Twin Cities:

  • 65% of parents felt that their children’s grades in school improved
  • 75% felt that their children’s study habits improved
State wide:
  • 1/3 felt that their children’s attendance improved
  • Two-thirds of families said their children spend more time with their friends and classmates

In fact, 100% of parents who indicated that their children’s grades were “poor” before moving into a habitat home said that their children’s grades and study habitats were “much better” after moving into their home.

Additionally, 2/3 of homeowners with children feel more confident about their ability to fund their children’s college education since moving into their Habitat homes, and 90% of Habitat families said they felt better about their children’s future overall. And children aren’t the only ones who experienced a positive impact following their move – 1/3 of homeowners started or completed higher education or training programs as well!

Habitat_familyIf statistics aren’t for you, you can read what these children of Twin Cities Habitat homeowners had to say about growing up in a Habitat home:

"What my Habitat home gave to me is a neighborhood, a community of new people. That helps each other and is friendly. What my Habitat home gave to me is a new life and I appreciate it." ~ Hana

"My home to me, means a good place to live in that I don't have to be shy of" ~ Samrawit

“I share the room with my sister and I have my peace corner to read and do my homework. My grades are getting better at school. I am receiving A+ and B+ since we moved in the Habitat new house. It’s so calm and peaceful.” ~ Vera

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