Becky Engen

Becky Engen

Becky Engen has a passion for writing and building and engaging with communities through social media. She graduated from St. Cloud State University, and began her career in marketing and advertising as a junior copywriter and social media specialist. Becky joined the Twin Cities Habitat marketing team in 2013 as the Digital Marketing Program Manager and loves that she continues to learn something new each and every day about the great people who work for, volunteer with, and are served through the organization.

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Across the housing industry, and within our own homeownership program, the "rule of 30%" has long been the standard in determining whether or not a home is deemed "affordable" or not. This rule states that any family paying more than 30% of their household's income on housing costs is said to be "burdened". 

Unlike many of her peers, Linda Griffin knew what she wanted for her career at the young age of 14. At the time, she had been working at the local Phillis Wheatley Community Center in Minneapolis, and she was in charge with helping put on the yearly talent show. A judge from the talent show (who also happened to be a bank president) invited Linda to orchestrate the ice cream social event that was coming up at his bank. After helping with that event, Linda fell in love with the banking industry.

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