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ReStore Recap: New Products, Bathroom Plumbing, and Winter Prep!

ReStore Recap: New Products, Bathroom Plumbing, and Winter Prep!

If you've wondered about ReStore's new products that come in, how you can use paint to liven up more than just walls, or how to dive into plumbing or winterizing projects, check out this ReStore Recap! You'll learn about all of these things and more.

A pair of hands installing vinyl plank flooring on top of gray tile.

Your Questions, Answered: New Products at ReStore

Why buy new paint or flooring at a big box store when you can find it for a discount at ReStore? Learn all about the new products that ReStore purchases, why these products are being offered, and how buying them from ReStore makes an impact.

Before and after images of a built-in book case with raw wood and then painted dark gray.

Discover the Power of Paint: DIY with Jill O’Gorman

Walls aren’t the only thing you can transform with paint! Check out professional decorator and designer Jill O’Gorman’s favorite projects and tips for using paint to a statement with the items already in your home. You could also find your next inspiration at ReStore!

Upgrade Your Bathroom

A bearded person using a wrench to connect a pipe to a sink.

Bathroom DIY Plumbing Projects

While working on your own bathroom plumbing may seem intimidating, there are some DIY plumbing projects that almost anyone can tackle. Learn how to repair a running toilet, caulk pipe joints, and replace your bathroom sink or showerhead – and most importantly, learn how to identify when a project is something you can do yourself, and when you need to call a plumber.

A bearded person replacing a shower head.

Replacing a Showerhead DIY Guide

Speaking of replacing showerheads, be sure to check out this DIY guide! Save water, enjoy great water pressure, and add a bit of style to your bathroom in just four easy steps.

Warmth and Festivities

A candle-lit dining room with a snowy view of a street.

Tips to Winterize Your Home

We’ve already seen the first snow of the year, but it’s not too late to winterize your home! Take a look at our energy-saving tips and tricks for keeping drafts out of your home and the warmth in to keep you cozy this winter season, all while keeping your bills lower.

Jan on WCCO, demonstrating various holiday decor projects.

Repurposing for the Holidays

Get your holiday cheer on with DIY Friday and check out Jan’s tips for upcycled holiday decorations. Use items you already have around your home or purchase some great pieces from ReStore to get you started, then plan a fun crafting session with your family!


Looking to donate? ReStore makes donating your items easy. Check out the ReStore donation guidelines to see if we would be a good home for your unwanted items. You can even schedule a pickup! Your donations generate revenue to create, preserve, and promote affordable homeownership in the Twin Cities.

Twin Cities Habitat is hiring—come join our team! Browse our open positions and find more info about building your career with Habitat.

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