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The 10 "Worst things" about serving in the Habitat AmeriCorps Program

Guest Blogger
Posted by Guest Blogger on 10:15 AM on April 9, 2019

Guest blog written by Shannon Twiss, Lead Volunteer Coordinator

Welcome, reader, to my experience as an AmeriCorps member over the last two years in the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity program! In case the quotation marks aren't a dead giveaway, the headers below are all in jest. I have truly loved my time in AmeriCorps, and below are just a few reasons why. 

I'm sick of my people 

Smiling AmeriCorps members

I see my roommates at work and my coworkers at home. I’m stuck with a tight-knit, passionate, caring community of people who live and work together.

Strangers talk to me

AmeriCorps Rep 2019

I’ve become a walking advertisement. When I wear the Habitat for Humanity logo, strangers ask me about it, and I’m forced to talk about how much I love my service.

I have no time for Netflix

AmeriCorps friends

My social calendar is too full! With all these new friends, I barely have time for anything else.

My sweet-tooth is too satisfied
So many donuts

I eat more sweets. Habitat for Humanity staff deeply appreciate AmeriCorps members’ service, and often express it in the form of donuts.

My resume is too full! 

AmeriCorps Learning 2019

I keep learning new things. Apparently, one skill set is not enough. Instead I keep accidentally acquiring new ones.

I've learned to manage my money too well 

Shannon shoveling and Paul goofing around

I’m on a budget. By choosing to live and serve on a limited living allowance, I’ve come to understand some of the experiences of the people I’m serving and the challenges they face.

Adding work clothes made my wardrobe huge

Messy AmeriCorps 2019

I get my hands (and clothes) dirty. If I spend a day on a construction site, I come home with paint and dirt under my nails, and a sense of satisfaction at having made a tangible difference in someone’s life.

I've lost my single status

Shannon and Nick

I lost the fun and freedom of single life. I had the unfortunate experience of falling in love with a fellow member who shares my values, goals and commitment to service.

My comfort zone has been obliterated

Dominican Republic AmeriCorps members 2019

I’ve been forced out of my comfort zone. Sticking to the things I know is an option that has not been made available to me.

I have to go to law school

Shannon at the Supreme Court

My education award is burning a hole in my pocket. AmeriCorps supports its members with an education award, and it keeps burning holes in my pockets. Now I need new pants.

AmeriCorps at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity Recruitment

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