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Trip 2, Day 6: Costa Rica Global Village 2017

Guest Blogger
Posted by Guest Blogger on 9:35 AM on March 25, 2017

Guest Blog by Bonnie Power
Global Village trip participant

It is the last day to see the house and the family - the very last day.  How could that happen?! I am very sad as are all of us.  How can we tell our new friends that the pleasure is all ours - REALLY!!!  We will so miss Mario, Mao, Juanca, Wadel,  Andres, Felipe! How strange that we feel like family and come together as though no time has passed.

So much easier to form a team and work together here - it does not always happen that way at home - even if it is Minnesota Nice.

The value of this work is that physically I feel the best at the end of the week and menKids in Costa Ricatally I feel the happiest, despite knowing we'll miss our team. And the world does not seem like such a troubled place when you focus on a goal with a team! We feel like we know the real Costa Rica, at least our little corner of it here in Guanacaste.
Let's all have a good cry and store this week in our memory bank to be accessed when the world looks
it's darkest. Remember the owl in the tree, the monkeys, the iguana, the sunsets, the children. The unbelievable houses that people have created; the innovation of a young man who lost a job and came home to make an oven to make bread and sell it; the single women raising a family with few resources. 

We hope this isn't the last time we are able to build Habitat homes in Costa Rica.  And for me - Juanca you make me cry because of your passion for helping families and animals and the underdogs. Maybe we will show up together in our next lives as whichever animal we like best.

For the beautiful sunsets on the beaches - I am filled with peace. Okay - Pura Vida!

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