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Longtime regular crew marches on

Posted by Patrick Dunn on 12:02 PM on November 5, 2013

St. Andrew'sFor St. Andrew’s regular crew members Dave Engh, Chuck Schiller and Ray Meier the motivation behind spending their retirement volunteering with Habitat varies. When speaking with Dave, he beams about working alongside future homeowners and teaching them some of the fundamentals of homebuilding. For Chuck, it’s celebrating the culmination of the family’s effort at the home dedication. And for 89-year-old Ray it’s all about getting out of the house and feeling like part of a team again.

St. Andrews’ Lutheran Church in Mahtomedi has sponsored work camp weeks dating back to 1993. The regular crew originated with folks involved in these work camps wanting to take their commitment to another level. The group has a historic affiliation with the church, but is open to anyone that wants to build with and help a family in need. 

The one constant for the St. Andrew’s Crew is their dependability. Since 1996, this Tuesday crew of retirees has worked on hundreds of homes throughout the metro. In the early stages, St. Andrew’s only volunteered on rehabs, and they were in charge of bringing their own tools to site.

 “Things have certainly evolved over the years for us as a group,” said Dave. “People come and go. Some only build in the summer and some are there every week. I like to think we’ve been a consistent force and have an opportunity for everyone.”

For Dave, his involvement with Habitat has truly been a labor of love. From volunteering with his former employer 3M, to working as a neighborhood family partner, to serving as a board member, he has been an active supporter for more than 15 years. Now his role as crew leader brings a different sense of accomplishment.

“Working regularly with the same group of co-workers is fun, efficient and effective. Over time, members have developed their special skills to a high level. We can work different tasks in a well- organized fashion and help each other along the way,” said Dave. Regular crews continue to volunteer not only for the construction aspects, but also to see each other and have a good time.


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