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Global Village Nicaragua 2018: Back Home

Guest Blogger
Posted by Guest Blogger on 3:33 PM on March 22, 2018

Guest blog by Jon Slock
Global Village Volunteer

Nicaragua: Global Village


I usually get sick at the end of these trips, and this year is no different.  I’m able to rally during the work project just fine...  This is important.  You must do something with a shovel.  The neighbor children need a fist bump.  I have jokes to tell.  You can sleep later.  But after the home dedication and piñata it’s almost as if my body says “you can fall apart now.”  And that’s a trade I’ll gladly make each Global Village trip.

These builds have almost a dream-like aspect to them.  As I stare at the snow coming down from my back porch right now, I momentarily doubt that I was indeed mixing concrete (again and again and again) on the dusty streets of Nicaragua just a few days ago.  But my sore muscles, and the uniquely dirty load of laundry I just dropped in the wash, are proof.  And the memories… so many, too many to fully process just yet. 

Global Village trip to Nicaragua  Nicaragua team

This was Twin Cities Habitat first Global Village trip to Nicaragua.  It was outstanding in all regards.  It was so good, it was ridiculous.  If somehow Twin Cities Habitat doesn’t go back next year, I’ll lead my own group. (Shameless plug:  I have led a Global Village trip, and plan on leading more.  Find me on Facebook.  Let’s be friends.) 

But, seriously, it has been an honor to join 21 others with Twin Cities Habitat this past week.  If any of you are reading this, know you are instant friends for life.  The people of Nicaragua will also stay in my heart.  When the homeowner, quite seriously, is offering to host us whenever we come back, it’s hard to keep a dry eye.

I’m rambling, but that comes with being sleep deprived, a bit sick, and also overwhelmed by the amazing experience of the past week.  It’s been a privilege to be on this trip, and each time I do this I realize I’m the luckiest person alive.


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