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ReStore Recap: Make Your Shopping, Donating, and DIYing Earth-Friendly

Becky Engen
Posted by Becky Engen on 9:30 AM on March 13, 2019

As many of you know, here at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity and at both of our Habitat ReStore outlets, we put a focus on being as green as possible. From the way we built our new main office on Prior Ave. and University Ave., to the day-to-day operations of our stores, we make every effort to do so in an earth-friendly way.

With Earth Day just a little over a month away, we've been sharing some of these green-efforts on our ReStore ReStoration Corner Blog, and wanted to make sure to give you an updated look into shopping at our home improvement outlets!


Beginner's Guide to Shopping at Twin Cities Habitat ReStore Outlets

If you’ve never been to one of our Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore home improvement outlets (or any Restore for that matter), walking in may feel a bit daunting at first. But never fear! We have a beginner’s guide to shopping at Twin Cities Habitat Restore locations just for you.

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ReStore’s Earth Saving Purpose—Diverting from Landfills

2M lbs diverted

You may already know about Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity and how it provides affordable housing to local families. But you might be surprised how shopping and supporting ReStore home improvement outlets help divert over 2.2 million pounds of refuse from being thrown in landfills.

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Finding Value in Scraps

scrap team member ChuckOn Wednesdays when you visit the New Brighton ReStore, you’ll likely find Chuck Zutz working in the back with what looks like to most, trash. But to Chuck, that bin of “trash” has an immense amount of value that will contribute to the ReStore and Twin Cities Habitat’s mission.

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An Interview with Jan Hagerman [VIDEO part 2]

We continued our conversation with Jan Hagerman, New Brighton ReStore Assistant Manager, and asked her what advice she has for someone new to upcycling or taking on a DIY project. She also gives several reasons "why" she transforms everyday items into something new.

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Announcing the Earth Day Upcycle Challenge—give a chair some flair

In honor of Earth Day coming up next month, and ReStore outlets commitment to recycling and reusing items, we're hosting our first-ever Earth Day Upcycle Challenge at our stores—and we want YOU to join in!

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