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Donation tax deductions

Common Charitable Tax Deduction Questions

One of the benefits of making monetary or physical donations (besides the warm fuzzy feeling you get) is the ability to claim a tax deduction.

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Woman looking at a credit card.

Making Impactful Gifts From a Donor-Advised Fund & More

They say it’s better to give than to receive.

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Three people standing outside of the back of a car donating to ReStore.

Giving Back to the Community: 5 Reasons to Donate

Giving back to your community is far more than a charitable act, it is part of a profound personal journey.

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family of three in front of a tree getting ready to open presents

‘Tis the Season of Giving: Make it Count for Habitat Families

Gifts given at the end of the year can go a really long way when supporting Twin Cities Habitat families as they pursue their dreams of homeownership.

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Two women looking at a laptop

Establishing a Charitable Remainder Trust Leaves a Legacy

Please note these are general charitable tax strategies. Talk with your financial advisor or tax planner for advice specific to you. If you’ve...

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A young girl with a birthday cake.

Tips for Running a Successful Donate My Birthday Campaign

It feels good to give. Yes, even on your birthday. In fact—even more so on your birthday, because you can have your family and friends give right...

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Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity receives $13.5 million to advance racial equity in homeownership in the twin cities region.

Twin Cities Habitat Receives $13.5M to Advance Racial Equity in Homeownership

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, along with Habitat for Humanity International and 84 U.S. Habitat affiliate organizations, recently received $436...

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