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Tips for Running a Successful Donate My Birthday Campaign

Posted by Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity on 10:00 AM on May 4, 2022

It feels good to give. Yes, even on your birthday. In fact—even more so on your birthday, because you can have your family and friends give right along with you in just a few clicks!

A young girl with a birthday cake.

We’ve created an easy way for those celebrating their birthday to make an impact for local Habitat families. That’s right, you can donate your birthday to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity’s mission and support affordable homeownership. And to say thank you—and happy birthday—we’ll reward you based on the total amount of birthday donations you collect!

Getting started

Signing up is easy! You simply fill out the form to pledge your birthday and create your donation page. You'll receive an email with instructions on how to create your page and begin fundraising. From there, all you have left to do is promote your birthday pledge to get as many donations as you can.

Setting up your page

Following these guidelines when creating your page will help get more donations on your birthday.

  • Personalize: Do you have a picture of yourself from a time you’ve volunteered with Twin Cities Habitat? Share it with your family and friends along with why you support Twin Cities Habitat, and how you can multiply the impact for generations to come. You can even include a link to a personal story from a family that has partnered with Habitat.
  • Set an example: Donate to your own page right away so your family and friends can see that you are serious about your cause. This gives you credibility and confidence to ask people you know to help join the effort.
  • Set a goal: While an open-ended request is better than none at all, people are more likely to contribute when they see a goal you’re trying to reach.

Create your page!

Sharing with friends and family

Now that your page is ready to go, it’s time to spread the word! We’ve created a document with tips to help make it easy to send out emails or create social media posts. We’ve even included sample email or post copy you can use, but we encourage you to be creative. 

Don't forget to write personal thank you emails, or thank you posts after receiving a donation to your page. Saying thank you will show your donors that you are truly grateful for their gift.

Your generosity is incredible. Thank you for considering donating your birthday to Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. Together, we can raise money to help communities grow and families thrive!

For more information on Habitat to share, visit our blog!

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