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Greta Gaetz

Greta Gaetz is the Policy & Advocacy Manager at Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. Prior to joining Habitat, Greta studied History and Sociology/Anthropology at St. Olaf College and Macro Practice Social Work at Augsburg University. She has worked with a range of local nonprofits including Minnesota AIDS Project, Planned Parenthood, and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota. Greta is passionate about creating inclusive systems and working to make advocacy fun and accessible for all.

A big group of people on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol

Advocacy 101: Why Twin Cities Habitat Advocates for Affordable Housing

What do you think about when you hear the word advocacy? For some people, advocacy might sound broad, unfamiliar, and even intimidating. Twin Cities Habitat thinks of advocacy as an important tool we can use to help achieve our mission of bringing...

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Housing advocates from Minnesota met with MN Representative Dean Phillips during Habitat on the Hill in February.

Advocacy Update: Federal Policy Priorities for 2022

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity supporters advocate for affordable homeownership across all levels of government. In our local communities, we share...

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Advocacy Update

Habitat's Legislative Priorities for 2022

Through all our advocacy work, Habitat strives to emphasize the importance of affordable homeownership to leaders in local, state, and federal...

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State legislators and Habitat staff holding a sign that says Red Blue Build.

State Legislators Hammer Out Differences at Red Blue Build

On August 3, eight state legislators from across the Twin Cities gathered to volunteer with Habitat for the second annual Red Blue Build.

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Advocacy Update from Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

Advocacy Update: State Legislative Wins for Homeownership

The Minnesota state legislature adjourned its special session on July 7, and Habitat is thrilled to see a number of our main priorities reflected in...

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Advocacy Update from Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity

Advocacy Priority Deep Dive: Supporting the Challenge Program

Each year, Habitat supporters from across Minnesota come together to ask our state lawmakers to prioritize affordable homeownership at Habitat on the...

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A group of housing advocates in front of the MN State Capitol, with a transparent box at the top with the Twin Cities Habitat logo and

Advocacy Update: State Legislative Session Progress

The Minnesota State Legislature kicked off its 2021 session on January 5. While many legislative meetings, committee hearings, and floor sessions are...

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Members from both parties of the Minnesota Legislature, wearing hard hats and gloves, standing in front of the frame of a house in the sunlight and holding a sign that says

2020 Elections Results: What's the Impact?

As Habitat has shared over the past few months, elections are an important way for individuals and communities to make their voices heard. And...

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Minnesota State Capitol

Legislative Session Wrap-up: Bonds for Housing!

2020 has been a challenging year in countless ways, and that departure from business as usual certainly extended to the Minnesota state legislature....

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Gray, blue, and red stars bracket the text

Voters of Habitat - Part 2

With the election coming up on November 3, we asked Twin Cities Habitat volunteers, homeowners, and staff for their reflections on why voting is...

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