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Home is Transformed with the Help of the ReStore!

Posted by Hannah McWhorter on 12:23 PM on June 17, 2014

Nevelle Dennis and his family have been shopping with the ReStore since before the new Twin Cities branch opened. They found out about the new location when talking with a friend from church. The family has gone above and beyond typical DIY with the renovations of their home.

"This used to be a two bedroom," Nevelle explained as he started taking me up his now two-story home. As we went up the stairs, he starting pointing out everything he had purchased from the ReStore. "These banisters? From the ReStore. This carpet, the second story windows, the lights and the chandelier, all of these doors...." The list of ReStore items seemed to continue on to include many of the items on the second floor "even the paint is from the ReStore!" Nevelle added, laughing.

                       DSC01987 Lightened      DSC01985 Lightened

Nevelle and his significant other had big plans for their home once they decided their smaller home wasn't enough for them and their family. After getting a permit from the city, they went through the long process of raising the roof on their home and adding a second floor. Nevelle noted that it might not have been possible without the ReStore, which provided them with most of the materials, from the electrical wires to the bathroom tiles. The great low prices at the ReStore really helped the family get anything they needed. They also had a lot of help from the ReStore staff, who kept an eye out for what they needed and kept in contact with Nevelle. It became their go-to place for the whole renovation. "Home Depot is our secondary" he said with a smile on his face. 

"People need to know that they can go get something from the ReStore and then make something beautiful" Nevelle added. The family is a perfect example of these words. The construction on the house is gorgeous and ambitious. Not only will this family now have a wonderful place to live, but the new estimated value of the house shows that the work will pay itself off in the future!
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Do you have any DIY projects that you have done with ReStore materials? Please let us know through our social media pages!


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