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Donating to ReStore Makes it Easy to Clear Out an Entire House

Posted by Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity on 7:30 AM on October 6, 2020

Dennis knew he wanted to travel more, but a lifetime accumulation of furniture, tools, artwork and memorabilia kept him grounded. He could donate it or put it in a storage unit somewhere, but neither option really appealed to him (pricing items, advertising, storage unit rental – it wasn't worth the trouble).

When his daughter turned down his offer to become the new owner of Dennis's old things, she suggested he contact the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore. And just like that, the solution clicked.

Two Men and Three TruckloadsDennis in a white shirt and khakis in front of his garage, gesturing with one arm. Two men in blue shirts and jeans (one in a baseball cap) stand listening to him. Surrounding them on the driveway are multiple tables covered in boxes and miscellaneous items for donation to ReStore.

Because of the volume of goods at Dennis's house, ReStore sent a truck and a driver to pick it all up. A rolling tool chest loaded with small hand tools (hammers, pliers, socket set, etc.) – "the best quality tools I could buy," Dennis called them, vestiges of his handyman hobbies – were quickly and easily loaded.

Please be sure to review our Donation Guidelines before requesting a donation pick-up. We have required safety features, especially when it comes to tool donations (no frayed cords, ungrounded plugs, etc.).

The ReStore driver, Don, helped Dennis load years' worth of items big and small, with the two men swapping stories about the keepsakes and tools (Dennis worked on airplanes in the Air Force, worked at Northwestern Bell for 20 years, and stayed interested in woodworking and electronic equipment). Their payload topped out at three truckloads – each full of the stuff that had held Dennis back from his traveling dreams.

Outside on a parking lot sits a white truck that has the ReStore logo, a large light blue hammer made up of many tools, a blue bar at the bottom that says "shop. donate. volunteer.", a black bar to the right of it that says "restore.tchabitat.org". Above the bar on the truck is a series of short phrases next to light blue icons, saying "open to the public", "discount prices", "drop-off donations welcome", and "request a donation pick-up". Overlaying the image is an orange box saying "Free Curbside Pickup"

Then he learned about the tax deduction, which, combined with the money he was saving on storage, he used to extend his RV fishing trip to a year and a half – enough time to try fly fishing. (“I never thought I’d get to do that,” Dennis said with a chuckle. “I don’t know if I’ll catch anything, but I like getting a line wet.”)

Making Sure It All Goes Toward a Great Cause

Most importantly, Dennis felt good knowing all the proceeds from the sale of his donated goods would go to help more families be able to buy Habitat homes. “Everybody deserves a home,” he said. “It’s nice to give a family a hand buying one.”

Dennis's donation was one of the largest individual gifts ReStore has ever received – but mostly, he'll remember how easy it was to donate such large, cumbersome items with the help of ReStore.

"With the right tools, you can make anything," Dennis says. "I’ve got my memories and now it’s time for somebody else to get some value from all this stuff.”

If you're trying to clear your home of gently used furniture, appliances, tools, lumber, or other building materials, consider donating it to ReStore. Whether you're processing an estate, doing some fall cleaning, or just freeing yourself up to pursue your passions, we can help lighten the load and free up space.

Contact or visit ReStore today to donate, schedule a pickup, or find out more about how your donation supports homeownership in the Twin Cities.

Shop. Donate. Volunteer.


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