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Home Dedication: The Best Day Ever

Anna Skemp
Posted by Anna Skemp on 1:07 PM on July 21, 2017

Home dedications are celebrations of challenging work, determination, volunteerism, family, and faith. They are also a great reminder of living in the present and rejoicing in new beginnings.

On Saturday, July 15th, Habitat supporters celebrated four families completing their journey through the Habitat Homeownership Program. The Saturday was off to a warm start as families walked over from their neighboring homes. This dedication took place at a five-townhome complex, with four families moved in and the fifth unit in the process of being matched with a Habitat Homebuyer.

As the kids started to wander through the home, they were greeted with options of chalk, crayons, and Legos. Dedications Committee member Susie DeShon began the program inviting the families to speak.

Two of the families shared their thanks with the volunteers and sponsors that made the home possible. One of the homeowners, Saynab, gave her children the microphone and they passed it around all yelling "Thank you!"

Sue Haigh Jake Kirchgessner

Site Supervisor Jake Kirchgessner was happy to be back surrounded by familiar faces that helped with the home, and pointed out some crucial volunteers: "Peggy was out here for how many months? Six months! And Roger was here for double digit days." The crowd applauded the two hard working volunteers that represented all those who came out to site. 

We were happy to have Councilman Blong Yang, Minneapolis Ward 1 representative, join the celebration. Councilman Yang spoke on the importance of helping diverse families into homeownership: "I can't say enough good things about Habitat. I wish the best for the families."

The two Legacy Sponsors of the homes, General Mills and Thrivent Financial, had many volunteers out on site and hundreds of volunteers throughout the years serving with Habitat. Vince Kinney, a longtime Habitat supporter with General Mills was grateful for the opportunity to see the families: "General Mills is proud to work with Habitat for Humanity."  Paul Christopher is a Thrivent Financial Associate and was thrilled to see the outcome of his company's work: "this work doesn't happen by itself. I also got an unreal picture of our team putting up a wall!" 

Sue Haigh, President and CEO of Twin Cities Habitat, beamed as she witnessed a beautiful work of chalk art on the driveway—"When you look at that chalk drawing, you'll notice it says, 'best day ever'. It really is the best day ever, and the best week, month, and year." 

The program wrapped up with Twin Cities Habitat board member and Thrivent Financial representative, Nikki Sorum, dedicating the home to the four families. Nikki did not do this alone, though—she asked one of the homeowners' sons to help lead the crowd—he did a fantastic job! 

Dedicating the home best day ever photo

Home dedications are a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning, surrounded by positivity, hope, gratitude, and kindness. If you haven't been to a dedication, check out the events page for upcoming dates. Join us to celebrate someone's best day ever. 


 More photos by Andrea Cole


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