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Home Dedications filled with Gratitude

Anna Skemp
Posted by Anna Skemp on 4:34 PM on November 27, 2017

As the weather gets colder and the holiday season approaches, we are reminded of and grateful for the people and places in our life that bring us comfort. For many, home is that place filled with those people. 

Twin Cities Habitat celebrated three homebuying families in November. Vanice, Mohamed, and Habedo celebrated homeownership on Saturday, November 4 with their families, friends, and the hardworking volunteers from the 3Mgives Habitat Project. Mohamed and Habedo are thrilled to be starting their December in the warmth of their new home. With their seven children running around, Mohamed was proud to share their story: “We were homeless for five months. It was difficult to find a house with the size of our family.” Mohamed was grateful for the tools gained from the Habitat classes, “You learn more from a Habitat experience.”

Vanice, the second homeowner at the November 4 dedication, moved into her rehabbed Habitat home back in August, “I thank all the volunteers and please call us when you need someone to speak up for [Twin Cities Habitat]."

Lou and Zack Gathering Crowd

Photos by Andrea Cole. L: Lou Cristan and Zack Zoul.

Volunteers from the 3Mgives Habitat Project crew worked on the homes of both families. Zack Zoul, Site Supervisor for one of the homes, loves working with the 3Mgives volunteers, “I want to give a shout out to the 3M group. I care about you. Thank you for the passion and great work. It means a lot that we can see a family get peace and comfort.”

Lou Cristan, 3Mgives member and longtime volunteer, shared stories of the wonderful neighbors that saw the build and supported the group in various ways. “A neighbor pulled a wagon down the street and wanted to help build for a whole week. Another neighbor made lunch. There were new special experiences.”

A few days later, another Habitat family, Mahdi and Sofia, celebrated their dedication in St. Paul. The family of seven has been part of Twin Cities Habitat for 16 years. Mahdi helped his brother build his Habitat home in the early 2000’s and continued to volunteer. “There could not be a greater joy than today. I want to thank all of you. I want to thank Habitat, Maureen Holman (Community Loan Officer), Linda Griffin (Family Services), and Dave Madzo (Site Supervisor). You are making a big difference in people’s lives.”

Pastor Straiton Quilts

Photos by Andrea Cole. L: Pastor John Straiton, St. Andrew's Lutheran Church. R: Quilts from Redeemer Lutheran Church in White Bear Lake

The family received two wonderful gifts at their home dedication. The first gift was a book shelf, supplied with books for the kids, given generously by the Knoll Family Foundation. The second gift was a quilt for each member of the family, beautifully sewn by the Quilters at Redeemer Lutheran Church in White Bear Lake.  

The Legacy Sponsor of the home was Thrivent Financial. Joyce Odoom, a Thrivent Financial representative, shared her love for volunteering on the Habitat build: “As a financial rep., we help others live generously. Growing up I’ve had so much passion to give back. It felt so good to build with Habitat for Humanity. Something I’d do over and over again.”

We are grateful for the volunteers, sponsors, and families that partner with Twin Cities Habitat to make our communities stronger. 

Check out more Home Dedication photos!


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